Mercy Hospital gunman Juan Lopez was fired from a Fire Academy for being offensive toward women

Ra'eesah Manack
Nov 24, 2018
03:33 A.M.
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It has been revealed that Juan Lopez, the Mercy Hospital gunman was fired from a Chicago Fire Academy in 2014. He was booted from the program for aggressive behavior towards women.


Juan Lopez recently opened fire and killed his ex-fiancé, a Chicago police officer and a pharmaceutical resident at Mercy Hospital on Monday. He also died during the gun fight between him and police.

Lopez has a history of violence especially towards woman. According to recent revelations from the Chicago Fire Department, his violent nature caused him to lose out on his goal to become a firefighter.


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The Chicago Fire Department confirmed that Lopez started training as a firefighter candidate in 2014. During his training he was accused of bullying and “inappropriate contact with fellow female cadets.”

The spokesperson said he was kicked out of the Chicago Fire Academy because he disappeared from work while still being investigated for the claims. He was fired only six months after starting work.


During his short time at the academy, it was also put on record that he threatened to "shoot up" the Academy facilities. Reports also claim that Lopez had a valid concealed carry licence on the day he opened fire on the Mercy Hospital.

“This was an unthinkable act of violence. We are filled with overwhelming sadness and our hearts go out to the families of those who died, and to all affected by this horrific tragedy,” CHA chief executive officer Eugene Jones Jr. stated in an email.


Lopez, worked for the Chicago Housing Department,went to Mercy Hospital on November 19, 2018,  to confront his ex-fiance, Doctor Tamara O'Neal. He wanted her to return the engagement ring he had given her since they had called off their engagement.

"Lopez started training as a firefighter candidate in 2014. During his training he was accused of bullying and “inappropriate contact with fellow female cadets.”


When she said that she did not have it on her and could not return it he became irate. An argument broke out between them. 

After a friend of O'Neal's tried to intervene, Lopez got angry and pulled out a gun. He fired multiple rounds at his ex before running into the hospital.

A shoot out between him and the police ensued and resulted in Lopez being shot dead.