Policemen confused after a bear opens the door to their facility as if he owned the place

To see a bear in the wild is not unusual. However, the other day one walked into a police station and a video of the incident went viral.

Unexpected visitor

The California Highway Patrol’s Donner Pass facility became much more lively when a confident bear strutted in as if he ran the operation, much to everyone’s surprise. The policemen are used to protecting drivers but had no idea how to handle a bear walking into their premises.

The bear not only walked into the Donner Pass facility on its hind legs but also turned the front door handle itself. He then proceeded to go on all fours and wander through the facility as if he was in charge before he was chased out of the building by police officers.

This incident was caught on video and shared online. Since it was posted it has been watched by thousands of viewers who cannot believe that a full grown bear walked into a police station. This is understandable as it is not something that happens every day or even year.

Return of the bear

Since this incident, the bear has returned to Donner Pass facility, but this time he stuck to the parking lot and did not enter the building. He ambled around the dumpster, which makes people believe that he was looking for food.

Bears across Northern America are currently getting ready for their winter hibernation, part of which entails eating as much as they can so that their bodies have fat reserves to live off during the hibernation months. Therefore the bear was probably just trying to find some food to stock himself up on. Although this incident is not the first time employees have been startled by an animal coming into their place of work.

Doggy Diner

Earlier this year a pit bull scared workers at a diner in Brazil when it came into the building. Workers were split in their opinion of what to do, with some trying to leave the store and others jumping on the counter to get away from the dog. While pit bulls are often seen as vicious dogs this one had escaped from a house close to the store and wanted to play with the workers. The workers, however, were far less keen that the dog was.

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