Dwight Howard accused of sexual harassment in series of tweets by his alleged gay ex-boyfriend

Dwight Howard, the NBA player who rose to stardom playing for the Orlando Magic from 2004 to 2012, is in the middle of the storm after a man named Masin Elije said that they were involved in a relationship.

In a series of tweets that Elije uploaded, he revealed that they reportedly were in a romantic relationship for a while but that, when he learned that Howard was cheating on him, everything ended.

However, both the NBA player and his pastor allegedly started harassing and threatening him, which is why Elije decided to share the story via Twitter.


Elije, a writer and the owner of a hair company, shared the photo of the person who Howard was reportedly having an affair with, claiming that the NBA player has been attending transgender sex parties.

Once he learned that, Elije “lost every bit” of his mind and confronted Howard. The conversation was not calm, and their relationship ended after that because the NBA star allegedly threatened to “beat him.”

After that, Elije said that he started getting private calls from someone who claimed to the Howard, but it was not him. He said that “Calvin,” a man who allegedly works for Howard, offered him “hush money.”


Since Elije didn’t accept it, Calvin began to get “irate, disrespectful, and homophobic.” “I wasn’t signing the NDA! He tried to insult my intelligence telling me Dwight doesn’t know me and ‘I never spoke to dwight’ Despite me meeting him [sic],” added Elije.

According to the man, “Calvin” and Howard’s camp kept threatening him saying that they knew where he lives, that they were watching him, and that he needed to find a new residence.

“So at this point, I am afraid for my life, I’m panicking, I’m having anxiety attacks, and for a whole week I was bullied by Dwight’s team, and Dwight Howard stood there and allowed his team to harass me,” finished Elije.


At the moment, the NBA player has not said anything about those accusations. Those who defended Howard claims that Elije is lying as a way to promote the book that he is writing.

Apart from that, several Twitter users pointed out that Elije's story was inconsistent, that the videos and the photos looked photoshopped, and that anybody with a thick voice could have talked to him and claim to be Howard.

As Newsone reported, it is not the first time that Elije made similar accusations on a celebrity. Last year, he did the same with rapper Playboi Carti. Those claims were “allegedly discredited,” though.

Howard has been nursing a lingering gluteal injury that has kept him away from the court for a couple of games in this season, which is probably where he has his mind on.

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