Parents outraged as school could force pupils to wear bright green bibs for being naughty

Nov 30, 2018
05:50 P.M.

One school in Newcastle, UK is getting more creative in ways it punishes the misbehavior of its students. But the parents are not too impressed.


Kenton School in Newcastle made headlines a few days ago by proposing to punish the students with Community Service picking up litter in high-visibility bibs should they fail to maintain behavioral conducts.

After the school sent a letter to the parents disclosing their plan, one parent opened up to Chronicle Live and slammed the school policy as being “humiliating” for the students.

According to the school, the students who ignore the school rules would be asked to spend the rest of class in a “reflection room” before they are handed a 30-minute afternoon detention.


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It may further lead to a whole school detention, known as a "C5," should the students fail to turn up during the previously assigned detention.

Source: Facebook/DailyMirror

Source: Facebook/DailyMirror

In the letter sent to the parents, the school mentioned that the detention would be canceled if the student instead chose to undertake 30 minutes of community service during the lunchtime of the C5 sanction. The service may include litter picking or assisting in clearing the canteen.

However, there’s a condition that the students would have to wear a “hi-viz bib” during the community service.

Source: Facebook/DailyMirror

Source: Facebook/DailyMirror


“I don't like the idea of my kid having to wear a bright green bib. If they do something wrong then fine, punish them, but that just seems like humiliation to me and could cause mental health and anxiety problems," the disappointed parent told the news outlet.

Meanwhile, the head of Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education), Amanda Spielman, has backed the community service in the school grounds as “appropriate.”

Source: Twitter/@DailyMirror

Source: Twitter/@DailyMirror

Kenton School Principal Sarah Holmes-Carne also explained that she is open to listening to other people’s ideas on the policy. She has also opened a consultation where she is “more than happy to listen to parents’ views.”

Only a few months back in September, a charter school in Georgia, US also sparked heated debate after it made an attempt at implementing a surprising disciplinary measure.

Source: Twitter/@DailyMirror

Source: Twitter/@DailyMirror

The school sent out consent forms to parents seeking their approval to allow school administrators to discipline their children by paddling them.

Surprisingly, the policy was met with mixed responses from the parents. While many were happy about corporal punishment returning to school, others were shocked by the proposal.

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