UPS driver adopts a stray dog who jumped into his truck

Nov 30, 2018
04:44 A.M.

After a chance encounter, the UPS driver found an ideal dog in a Pit bull-terrier living in an animal shelter in the Buffalo City.


The driver named Jason Coronado spoke to WKBW and explained how it was a “love at first sight” for him and the dog he adopted.

He had never planned on having a dog or even adopting one. So, it was a strange coincidence that he ended up befriending Ernie, the Pit bull-terrier. This past October, he was delivering mail as usual when the shelter dog jumped into his life out of nowhere.

He was at the animal shelter to deliver a package when he noticed Ernie. He had only called the dog up to the truck. But once it got there, the dog hopped inside his vehicle and just sat there.


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"Call him up to the truck and he pretty much just hopped up in, and I was like okay," he told the source. "He hopped up and just sat there and did not want to leave."

Ernie initially refused to leave the truck but, eventually, go out with everyone’s effort. Coronado left the shelter, but Ernie stayed on his mind throughout the rest of his day.


Later that day, he discussed the idea of bringing Ernie into his life with his family. Thankfully, everyone agreed and Coronado finally adopted the dog.

Coronado further told the source that he wanted Ernie to have a good home. And, true enough, Ernie was already making himself at home within just two days of being adopted. He also liked to follow Coronado around all over the house, without any training.


"He likes to sleep and lounge and he likes to eat treats and he's just a big lap dog," the UPS driver added.

Previously, another UPS driver named Katie Newhouser also took in a pit bull named Leo, after the dog’s previous owner passed away.

Newhouser had befriended the pit bull for over a year as she frequently came to deliver the packages. She decided to adopt the dog after it seemed highly likely that he would end up in a shelter.


Thanks to people like Coronado and Newhouser, abandoned and rescued dogs living in the shelter continue to find their happy ending with a new family.

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