NeNe Leakes puts husband Gregg on blast for alleged bad attitude during his battle with cancer

In a shocking turn of events, "RHOA" Nene Leakes slammed her husband Gregg Leakes on social media.

Nene Leakes' husband, Greg Leakes was diagnosed with cancer. The star revealed that he was suffering from stage 3 colon cancer. 

She has stood with him through his cancer battle and until recently they had put up a united front. However, something seems to have changed and Nene is frustrated.

Fans were left speculating if the health issues are taking their toll on their relationship after Nene took to social media to vent her frustrations. In a surprising and out of character reply Nene slammed her husband on both Twitter and Instagram.

She had tweeted, "I would just think [thinking emoji] if i have or had cancer, i would see life so differently! Not being mean, grouchy and evil for no real reason! But that’s me. Pray for me.”

Shortly after, Greg posted a screenshot of a text message talking about Brothers Day. In the text, he spoke about forgiving the people around you.

Nene replied almost immediately. She commented: “Well u need to do everything you posted! Practice what you preach. You need to pray for yourself! This mean, grouchy, evil stuff u pulling these days are NOT cool.”

Fans were left stunned. Some understood where she was coming from and shared their stories with her to offer her some support.

Others, like one Twitter user, slammed Nene back for not standing with Greg and being more understanding. One Twitter user pointed out that sometimes people suffer from severe depression when suffering from diseases like cancer and therefore often lash out.

However, Nene replied that while that may be the case for some it was not for her. She replied saying, "what you do not know is, he was grouchy and mean before ever being diagnosed! It's just worst now."

She went on to completely shock fans when she said, "Naw don’t think I can do it," after a fan recommended that she should stay strong and just breathe. 

The revelations come out of the blue. The couple has always appeared extremely happy and supportive of each other's endeavors.

At the beginning of Greg's cancer battle, Nene had released a supportive statement. She had said "At a time like this, this is when you really have to think back to the vows you took. Sickness and health… these vows are really showing up right now."

In August the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star celebrated her husband's birthday with him. She had posted more than a few pics of their celebrations to Instagram.

They spent his birthday together in the Bahamas. Unfortunately, it seems the happy moments can't outweigh the tough ones for the family this year. 

Nene has reached her limit. According to her social media, she's always been "the bad guy" and she doesn't mind being labeled that again in this situation.

Fans are left speculating just how long the couple will manage to hold their marriage together if things really are as bad as they seem.

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