Dog that was traumatized after being used as bait for dog fighting gets a new life

Photos of a poor dog that used as “bait” gained attention on Facebook after an animal shelter rescued her.

Peggy, a mixed-breed dog, was barely clinging to life when she was found on the street. The abandoned dog was unable to walk because of her several injuries.

She had bleeding paws, cuts in her eyes, torn ears, and she also had a “haunted look in her eyes.”

According to the experts, Peggy’s injuries showed clear signs that she was used as “bait” in dogfights.

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At present, she has been regaining her strength at Carla Lane Animals in Need, where she eats five meals a day.

The staff at the shelter said they have never seen any case as worst as four-year-old Peggy’s.

A spokesperson said, “Her poor body could not take much more, and she had no reserves left to call on, she was close to giving up.”

The spokesperson revealed that they didn’t have any kennel available for Peggy when she was rescued, but they just couldn’t turn their backs on her.

The vets at the facility examined Peggy, and they suggested she is part whippet and has a small bull breed.

“She is typical of the kind of mixed-breed dog who is attractive to disgusting dog fighters. Our vets think she is about four years old and she has clearly had repeated injuries and long-standing wounds,” said the spokesperson.

Right now, Peggy is on the way to recovery and has been gaining weight. It won’t be long until the dog fully heals and will have the chance to live a happy life.

Carla Lane Animals in Need is currently working with the League Against Cruel Sports to bring justice for Peggy and to all the dogs who are mistreated and used as “baits.”

The charity also set up a page on Facebook to ask for donations for Peggy.

In another story, another “bait” dog was also rescued and became a buddy to a boy who had been living with anxiety. They both have been helping each other to live full and healthy lives.

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