Teenager fails to pass the year and her father responds with a controversial punishment

Pedro Marrero
Dec 01, 2018
05:22 A.M.

A Colombian teenager received the punishment of her life from her father after she failed the school year.


Adolescence is a complicated stage in anyone's life; Hormones, studies and following the rules of parents floods the head of most boys and girls of this age. But what happens when one of these fails?

A Colombian girl lived the consequences of not having worked hard during her school year, achieving the worst of scenarios: Reproving the whole course.

Her furious father (and probably very worried) decided to teach her a lesson with a punishment that he posted on Facebook and quickly went viral. Many critics received the offended family man, but some people agreed with the actions taken by the man. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa



Her only responsibility was the studies and the adolescent did not manage to fulfill the unique objective that had opposite, that was to pass the year. A father of a family, residing in Girón, Colombia, totally indignantly punished her forcing her to do household chores.

"You want to be a housewife, right? You do not want to prepare, you do not want to be anyone in life, because you're going to be a housewife!" Said the father as he took her to the laundry room with a laundry basket.


While he shouted that he wanted to see all the clothes "well washed" and that he would review "garment by garment" to make sure that it was in order, the girl reluctantly went to wash all the garments by hand, as she did not approve any of the school subjects, reported Aweita.


Many were the criticisms received by the anguished father, who sacrificed everything possible for the girl to complete her school year and obtain the necessary knowledge to advance academically.


Although some internauts believed that the man tried to belittle the work of the housewives, the man said that he really wanted to emphasize the fact that many women do not engage in other activities due to "lack of opportunities" and that his daughter, having the opportunity doesn´t take full advantage of it.

"Shame on her is not the punishment, but why did not they wait for the process throughout the year to avoid this? Give her a chance," said one user, while another responded saying: "Shut up mister, you can see that he has no son, the fault lies with the girl because she does not value the sacrifice of the parents, a school year costs a lot ".


More than 10 million reproductions had the video on Facebook, was also shared more than 250 thousand times by users of social media and although many were the detractors, others supported the man.


A Texas woman also went viral in the networks after learning that her son was a bully. "I'm an old-fashioned mother," said Star, who preferred to release only her first name.

The female took a shirt from her son and wrote "I am a bully", and although her job was not to embarrass the fifth-grade student, she got her to learn the lesson. Well, in addition to having the young man put on his shirt, he photographed it and hung up on his social media.


"I published it to get to the parents of all the children that my son has bullied them so that each of them can receive a personal apology," said Star.

No doubt this is a lesson that the boy will not forget. His mother knew how to counteract his abusive attitude by giving him a spoonful of his own medicine since with a punishment of this caliber, it will probably be he who receives the ridicule at school from now on.

"He's going to survive, and he's already treating his sisters better, he's already treating his cousins better, he learned a lot from that, that's what matters," said Star, who surely prevented her son from becoming a despicable person.

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