'Rape victim' asks people on street for help, but is met with indifference and cruel insults

Edduin Carvajal
Dec 03, 2018
08:15 P.M.

ABAAD Mena created a social experiment in which a lady played a rape victim to see people’s reaction. Sadly, they didn’t do much to help her.

The clip started with the actress, identified as Manal, visibly affected while walking through the streets wearing a white shirt and a red skirt. Once she reached a corner, she got the attention of a couple of men who approached her to ask some questions.

Their first reaction was curiosity. They offered their phones so Manal could call someone, asked what happened, and even gave her a coat so she could cover herself. Unfortunately, someone asked if she was on drugs, and things started getting bizarre.

Source: YouTube/Viral Videos

Source: YouTube/Viral Videos

The man who lent her the coat took it away while some others started blaming Manal for what happened, saying that it was probably not the first time that someone raped her and that, wearing those clothes, she couldn’t have expected anything else.

Source: YouTube/Viral Videos

Source: YouTube/Viral Videos

“My sister would never dress like that!” said one of the men in a group. Another one was even more cruel saying, “[She is] just a [expletive] some guy [expletive] and threw away, so she is screaming.”

Source: YouTube/Viral Videos

Source: YouTube/Viral Videos

At some point, a pair of women came out to help Manal, but they kept telling her that she was embarrassing herself more and that she shouldn’t let anybody know what had happened to her.

ABAAD’s campaign is titled “Shame On Who?” and its goal is to de-stigmatize sexual assault and make people understand that they should judge the rapist, not the victim. Ever since the clip hit Facebook, it has garnered more than 2 million views, with hundreds of people praising the campaign.

While Manal was not a victim of rape, it is still a cruel and sad crime that happens more often than what people think. Zelshanna Pardo is the living proof. When she was 25, one of her cousins raped and got her pregnant.

Even though she told her family what happened, they didn’t believe her and even accused her of an attention-seeker. Unfortunately, it was not the first time that she had been raped as her step-father also abused her.

Her coping mechanism, unfortunately, led her to drink alcohol and eat exaggeratedly. Thankfully, Zelshanna has endured all the negative issues she has gone through and managed to lose 190 pounds thanks to vertical sleeve gastrectomy and an important change in her lifestyle.


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