Sweet dog rescued after being used as a bait dog for dog fighting

A 4-year-old dog rescued just in time to save its life is now slowly recovering with the help and love of the staff at the Carla Lane Animals In Need. The dog’s injuries seem to suggest she was used as a “bait dog” in dogfights, a practice that, despite being illegal, is still widely executed.

The Carla Lane Animals In Need organization in Merseyside, Liverpool, often takes in abandoned and injured dogs from the street and, often with the help of social media, nurse the animals back to health and then make sure to find them a loving home.

One of their most recent cases of an injured dog, which they described as “harrowing,” is Peggy. The dog, a small pit bull mix, was found in the streets by a “good Samaritan.” She had “bleeding paw pads, ulcerated eyes, and torn ears,” many others wounds to count and was scared to death.

“How could anyone betray this lovely girl in such a disgraceful way?”


Even though the refugee didn’t have enough space for Peggy, they couldn’t turn her back on her, as they stated on their Facebook:

“Her poor body could not take much more, and she had no reserves left to call on, she was close to giving up. Her cry for help came when we didn’t even have an empty kennel to spare, but we simply cannot say no to the most desperate needy dogs who have no one else.”

They prepared a sofa in one of their offices with comfortable bedding and blankets and settled Peggy there. She’s now on a re-feeding diet to help her recover some weight, eating five chicken meals a day and being supervised by a team of experts. Most importantly, Peggy is being showered with the love and care that she was denied probably by most of her life.


“We will never know for sure what terror her past has held, but we will continue to do whatever we can to apologize to her for the people who caused her to be hurt and harmed,” wrote one spokesperson for the Carla Lane Animals In Need on Facebook. And continued:

“Peggy has amazed us with her resilience and forgiveness, all she wants is to make friends and enjoy a kind touch and snuggle from the humans she loves. Even during her vet visits when feeling sore and uncomfortable, she still wags her tail and looks up with those lovely eyes just pleading for friendship. How could anyone betray this lovely girl in such a disgraceful way?”

According to the organization’s vet, Peggy’s injuries are consistent with those a “bait dog” would suffer. Speaking to Metro UK, a spokesperson for the charity explained that:

“She is typical of the kind of mixed-breed dog who is attractive to disgusting dog fighters. Our vets think she is about four years old and she has clearly had repeated injuries and long-standing wounds.”


Now, after some weeks receiving an outpour of love not only from the staff but also from people on the internet, in the form of donations to the charity, Peggy looks brighter and healthier than ever.

“To every single person who has sent love, good wishes and donations for Peggy, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU,” the organization wrote in a Facebook post with adorable pics of Peggy.

People are still sending all of their support for the adorable dog, and many are waiting for an adoption application to be set up so they can offer Peggy a forever home filled with care and mutual love.


According to the The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, dogfighting was first established in the country in the 1750s’ and had its proliferation in 1860. And even though the practice is a felony offense in all the 50 states, people still risk crossing the law and keep organizing or witnessing dogfights, commonly in secret locations.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

People who train dogs to fight are often in it for the money, for sadistic enjoyment, and some even see the animals as some extension of their pride and reputation. Which is why, sometimes when a dog loses a fight, it can be abandoned to die from its wounds or” it may be executed in a particularly brutal fashion as part of the ‘entertainment.’”


A bait dog is an untrained, submissive dog that is used by the horrible humans in dogfights to train their fighters.

The abuse these kinds of dogs suffer is unimaginable. They’re punching bags for other dogs. 

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

The majority of bait dogs don’t survive, they either die from their wounds instantly or with time. If they survive, they tend to be very traumatized, but many cases, like Peggy, have proven that “bait dogs” can recover from their fear to humans and other dogs with the proper love and care.

While it is awful to know about the monstrosities people can do to innocent animals, is necessary to raise awareness about these situations so that more people can join the fight of organizations like The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Their mission is to ensure that all animals are protected under the law and that those who are hurting them can face the legal punishment they deserve.

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