February 01, 2019

Single mom-of-eight who claims $35K per year in benefits is planning breast surgery

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Marie Buchan, a single mother of eight from the UK, has turned living off welfare into an art form. She has figured out how to not only live from the benefits but to curate a lifestyle from them.

36-year-old Marie, also known by her nickname “Octomum,” earns around £30 000 a year in welfare benefits. She lives with her eight children in a four-bedroom house in Birmingham.

She works as a care assistant and occasionally holds car boot sales. Marie’s work adds up to under 16 hours a week which keeps her eligible for welfare.

Marie has recently gained media attention by bragging during an episode of a reality television show that she has found it easy to get as much as possible from the welfare system. Now her plans to have a boob job is the reason she is in the spotlight.


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Marie, who is a former lap-dancer, would like to increase her bra size from 34B to 36DD. She is planning on having the surgery done in Istanbul, which she claims decreases the price dramatically from if she had it done locally.

Many people have commented that it is immoral for her to use welfare to pay for cosmetic surgery. Their comments also pointed to her duty to financially support her children, and that money should be spent on them before herself.


Marie has fired back at them by stating that she is paying for the surgery using money from jobs she has done over the past two years. She would like to go for the operation to increase her confidence and said,

“I know the trolls will start having a go at me, but I'm doing this for me and me alone so that I feel more confident.”



Marie, who previously cited her looks as the reason for her unemployment, used to work 16 hours a week as a carer. After a while she found this to be too exhausting and quit.

The fact that she was working meant that she received less welfare and she found it difficult to financially support her family.


When asked why she quit, Marie said that her job demanded her to work long hours for a low salary. She found it easier to live off welfare as she had grown used to it.

Many people took to Twitter to comment, with most of them being negative. Some even went as far as to argue that taxpayers should not have to fund people who are capable of working but are too lazy.