December 04, 2018

Marie Osmond's precious grandson steals the show on-stage during a Christmas recital

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Marie Osmond's adorable grandson stuns audiences during his on-stage performance at a Christmas recital as shown in the video below which she posted to Instagram.

Marie Osmond's grandson gets cuter every time fans see him. On Saturday, December 1, she shared an adorable video of her grandson Stephen in a Christmas recital.

The cute little boy sang during the recital and wowed his audience. Marie’s husband, Steve Craig, caught the show on camera and Marie chose to share the show-stealing moment with fans.


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“Steve went to see our grandson Stephen performing last night at his Christmas concert and sent me this video!” she captioned the clip.

In the clip, little Stephen is seen singing along to a Christmas carol. He is also stomping his feet and waving his hands with his peers.


Fans immediately flooded the comments sections. One wrote, “He is just adorable and quite the performer, takes after his [GlamMa] Marie,”

“He’s got those Osmond dance moves down! Adorable!!” 


The doting grandma is making a habit of showing her grandchildren off on Instagram. A few months ago she posted her first photo of herself with all four of her grandchildren.

Then earlier this week,  Marie posted a photo of her other grandson, Christian to celebrate his third birthday. She captioned the pic with a sweet and simple, “Grandma loves you so much.”  


“Nothing makes me happier or brings me more peace than being with them because they are a constant reminder of what is truly important in my life. Being a grandma to these precious children is the most remarkable feeling.” wrote Maria about her grandchildren in one Instagram post

 “Nothing is more gratifying than finding peace with your family, friends, and loved ones. After all… [tis] the season of peace.” said the doting granny.