Here is why you are constantly cold

Rebelander Basilan
Dec 07, 2018
07:41 A.M.
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This may be the reason why you feel cold all the time.


According to experts, here are the specific factors why you are always shivering and how to manage them:

1. Lack Of Exercise

Avoiding exercise because you’re cold makes you feel worse. You have to force yourself up for an intense exercise to feel more alert.

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2. Iron Deficiency

Feeling cold all the time could be caused by an iron deficiency. You should undergo a blood test, and you'll be prescribed medicine to boost levels.

3. Too Thin

You can come up short on a sufficient amount of body fat which would protect you from the cold on the off chance that you are underweight. Consider eating a varied and healthy diet.

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4. Lack Of Sleep

Junk sleep - the kind when we wake up often throughout the night - could make a person feel cold because their body is weak. You have to develop good sleep hygiene.

5. You Are Dehydrated

Missing as few as 2% of your body’s average water content can incur significant damage on your energy levels and make you feel cold. Consider drinking water every two hours.

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6. Your Thyroid Gland Is Under-active

Hypothyroidism might be at fault if you are feeling chilly.

“People with hypothyroidism often feel cold because they do not make enough thyroid hormone. The result is that the metabolism slows down, resulting in the sensation of feeling cold,” said Chirag Shah, a board-certified emergency medicine physician and co-founder of Accesa Labs.

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7. You Are Older

Marcelo Campos, an internal medicine doctor at Atrius Health, said, “The elderly can be more prone to being cold because their metabolism is slower and they produce less heat.”

8. You Are Pregnant

When a woman is pregnant, the typical core temperature increases from 98.6 to around 100.

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“That said, pregnant women are both more likely to have anemia and poor circulation, especially in their legs,” said Jacqueline Jacques, the senior vice president of medical affairs at Thorne Research.

So pregnant ladies may every so often whine about feeling like they have a chill, particularly in their hands and feet.

According to Science Focus, women will, in general, feel the cold more than men because women have less muscle tissue to create warm.


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