Deana Martin gets candid about her late father Dean Martin in a rare interview

Dec 06, 2018
11:41 P.M.
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Jazz singer Deana Martin honored her father, Dean Martin, in a rare interview with Closer Weekly as she fondly recalled her most memorable moments with him.


During the exclusive interview with the media outlet, Deana shared her memory of her 16th birthday in 1964 when Dean chose to spend the day shopping with her rather than playing golf.

“Dad went with me to get a coat at Wilsons House of Suede in LA, and he sat there while I went through fabric after fabric and even buttons,” she recalled.

The singer added, “He sat there looking at me like, ‘Can I go yet?’ But he stayed. And he left his golf game to be with me!”


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Dean was known for his love of playing golf, but he was also a family man. He loved his children more than anything.


70-year-old Deana recalled how their home was filled with laughter every time Dean was around. She said the late singer “loved being at home” and even remembered his favorite snack, which was Wonder Bread with butter on it.

“We couldn’t wait for him to get home. He was just so warm, sweet, funny, and cool.”

Perhaps Dean indeed was a cool fellow, and Elvis Presley could have proven that.


Deana shared, “Elvis once leaned down and took my little hand and said, ‘Deana, I love your father — they call me the King of Rock ’n’ Roll, but he’s the King of Cool.'”

She recalled wanting to faint after Presley uttered those words about her beloved father, whom she remembers as someone who “made everybody feel comfortable.”


Dean passed away in 1995 on Christmas Day at the age of 78 after battling lung cancer. Despite his untimely passing, he continues to be remembered by a lot of people, including his friends, family, and his fans.

Deana, who also became a singer, shared that people would come up to her and marvel that they were big fans of Dean.

“I’ve never heard a negative thing about my dad, and I meet hundreds of people. Everybody wanted to be with him,” she proudly said.

Apart from singing, Deana also found her niche in acting. One of her most remembered roles was on the 1969 western classic, “Young Billy Young.”

Even though Dean’s family lived quite a happy a life, they also went through many tragic events. His second wife, Jeanne Martin, passed away merely three weeks after losing her son, Ricci, who was found dead at his home in Utah.