December 07, 2018

Teen who heroically saved mom from rapist dies

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A heroic schoolboy who saved his mother from a brutal rapist has died. His death comes 19 months after his skull was destroyed while fighting off the monster.

Vanya Krapivin was only 15 years old when he came home from school to find his neighbor Roman Pronin attacking his mother. The deranged neighbor was straddling his mother as she screamed.

Pronin has been convicted for the murder. He repeatedly attacked Natalia Krapivina, 43, with a knife. Before he attempting to rape her.

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Vanya entered the flat in Severodvinsk in northwest Russia and saw the appalling scene. He picked up a 3kg dumbbell and struck the evil man attacking his mother.

Pronin avoided the blow. He then turned his anger on Vanya. He wrestled the dumbbell out of the teen's hands then proceeded to hit him repeatedly on the head with it.

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Neighbors had overheard the commotion and called the police. Pronin fled the scene believing both Vanya and his mother were dead.

Both were found unconscious on the floor. Vania remained in a coma for nine months and his mother suffered 27 stab wounds but survived the attack. She survived because of Vania's bravery.


The incident left Vania was left in a coma after the attack. 37-year-old, Pronin was jailed for 14 years for his crimes. 

However, now that Vanya has died due to the injuries he inflicted, Pronin is now facing an additional murder charge being added to his sentence.


Natalia was released from hospital a few months after the attack. Unfortunately, due to the trauma she suffered, she was only able to make herself visit her son twice after the horror.

Vania suffered serious brain damage and lost almost all the frontal bone of his skull. Surgeons were forced to remove some of his brains.

One year later, Vanya showed “light signs of being conscious.” The improvement came from treatments he received from Russian surgeon Leonid Roshal.

But in October he contracted flu. Despite the hospitals best efforts, his condition worsened and he died on Tuesday this week.

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