December 08, 2018

Young family left homeless after Christmas decorations caught fire and destroyed their home

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The Jackson family was left homeless after their house was destroyed by a fire started by their Christmas tree.

 Nichola Jackson and her family have been left without a home for Christmas. Their home was destroyed after a fire started by Christmas tree lights spread quickly through their house.

Nicola,33, was fast asleep with her two daughters Nia, 9, and Eva, 6. Her husband Bradley, 32, was asleep downstairs.

The smoke and fire spread quickly through their home unnoticed by the sleeping family.


Nicola got out of bed because her dog kept barking. At around 11 pm, when she woke up she was confronted by smoke and flames.

"I was in bed as my husband was watching a film - he decided to stay downstairs," Nicola said.


Nicola said, "It was our brave amazing dog Bella who woke me up barking, I went downstairs and opened the living room door and black smoke billowed out." She went on to say, " I honestly thought there was no way my husband was OK but I had to get my children out."

She immediately ran upstairs to get her children. When she tried to get to her daughter the handle on her daughter's bedroom door broke and sent her into a panic.


"Luckily she opened the door and I got my other daughter who was sleeping in her underwear and we ran outside."

Bradley was fast asleep on the sofa and was completely unaware of what was happening. When Nicola got the children outside, she ran back in to save her husband.


"I was crying and screaming," said Nicola, "but I had to go back in even though it was a stupid decision." She ran into the burning house and dragged him out by his arm.

"There were neighbours that I don't even speak to who were helping me and I'm so grateful as I was in a state, the wait for the fire service felt like hours." said the grateful mother.


Bella, the dog, had run back inside. She hid under a pillow but a fireman rescued her when they arrived just after 11 pm.

The family is thankful that they were lucky enough to get out alive without any serious injuries. Unfortunately, their Christmas presents and belongings were destroyed.


The inside of their home in Morriston, Swansea was also severely destroyed. However, the brave mummy ensured her children will still have a Christmas.

"I am absolutely traumatized and still can't believe what has happened. My children ask me 'will Santa still visit us?' and it breaks my heart. This isn't what Christmas is about and I don't want my kids thinking that it is. We should be having a normal Christmas like most families, it just breaks my heart." said Nichola in a tearful statement

"I have had so many messages of support, people have bought us clothes and food but I don't know how to say thank you. I've never been in this situation where people are helping me on such a big scale."