Here’s what it means if you see a dog in this crazy looking costume

One of the reasons dogs are man’s best friend is because they protect them. However, sometimes humans need to protect dogs too.

A recent invention will make sure that dogs are protected from danger, particularly from other animals. This is especially useful in the rural USA where coyotes and bobcats sometimes attack small dogs.

The new Coyote Vest is the dog equivalent of armor. It is made specifically for small dogs and shields them from danger.

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The vest wraps all the way around the dog and is made from kevlar. This material is stab-resistant, which means that if a predator bites the little dog wearing it, their teeth will not penetrate.



The vest has a flexible collar attached which has spikes on it. This detracts any creature from biting the dog’s neck, as it will be a painful experience. There is also an option to add spikes alone the part that covers the dog’s back.

The Coyote Vest is available on the official website from $100 in seven colors.


Humans and dogs are always taking turns protecting each other. Earlier this year it was a dog from the Sakha Republic’s turn.

A girl and her dog disappeared for 11 days from Olom. Her mother launched a search party, but after a few days, they started to lose hope. When her dog returned home, they thought they would never see her again.

However, the dog ended up leading them to the girl’s location. They found her lying in a bed of grass and living off wild berries and water. She was uninjured.


While the Coyote Vest protects dog’s bodies, their paws still need protection. This can be done in three different ways.

Firstly, owners should make sure their dogs aren't outside for too long in the winter as this increases their exposure to snow and potential frostbite.

Secondly, owners should be aware of the needs of their dog’s specific breed. Certain breeds have thicker paws than others, which means they can handle more.

Lastly, owners need to keep hygiene in mind by wiping their dog’s paws after they have spent time outside the home. This can eradicate dangers such as grass seeds, ice, salt, and chemicals.

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