Tamar Braxton gets shamed over her 'botched' face in photo beside her Christmas tree

Mary Scott
Dec 12, 2018
09:26 P.M.

All Tamar Braxton intended to do was show off her Christmas tree, but social media trolls saw a little too much and came for the reality star/singer.


Braxton, 41, took to Instagram with a photo of herself chilling in a colorful sweater, posing beside a fully-decorated Christmas tree.

It was already surrounded by gifts and Braxton announced in the caption that she was in the holiday mood.

It didn’t take long before folks came up in the comments section to react to the “Love and War” singer’s photo.


There were fans who loved Braxton's look. “Aww. I love your whole look, and I love your Christmas décor,” raved one Instagram user.

Another said: “Beautiful. Love the tree and the sweater is popping.”

Sadly, there were also trolls who missed the essence of the post and chose instead to focus on Tamar’s face, which some referred to as “botched.”


On so-called fan complimented the tree but left Braxton a harsh note:

“Tree look beautiful! That botched face job not so much! Give your face a rest! You’re not that old! Did you get the memo black don’t crack!!!”

Another troll went as far as calling the “Braxton Family Values” star a monster:

“Horrible face just stop it you’re turning into a monster.”


Another person even had a problem with the tree. “She’s got so many decorations on it, you can’t see the tree,” the user criticized, adding:

“As far as her face, she had implants put in her cheeks, and she had some more surgery on her nose cause one side was clapppsing [sic]. One nostril stood wider open them [sic] the other. I don’t know why these idiot people do plastic surgery on their body’s. That’s how God meant for you to look.”

Although many other followers came to Braxton’s defense, she has not responded to the harsh remarks.


The former “The Real” host is no stranger to getting backlash from netizens. Only last week, a lot of people mom-shamed her for posting a video of her sick son, Logan.

At the time, she admitted that he has bad breath when he’s not feeling well. Braxton wrote: “I love my son. But his breath really stinks when he is sick. Poor Beans,”

A follower chided: “Tamar, try to be a good mother and do [sic] exploit your child for your own selfish gain. Keep your career antics separate from be [sic] a good mother.”

As a celebrity, Braxton has probably developed a thick skin to online bullying, but that still doesn't make it right.


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