'It's already scary,' Kandi Burruss reveals new details about her surrogacy journey

Ra'eesah Manack
Dec 10, 2018
01:39 P.M.
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Kandi Burruss is finally revealing updates about her surrogacy journey. She has said, "It's already scary."


"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kandi Burruss recently opted to use a surrogate to bear her third child. Earlier in the year, she had revealed that she is not pregnant but was exploring ways to have another baby.

“We’re definitely trying to figure out ways to grow our family. I know a lot of people thought that meant that I was pregnant. But I’m not pregnant. Let’s be clear. I saw that floating around the internet.” said Burruss in an interview.


Kandi and husband Todd Tucker eventually chose to pursue surrogacy as the main option. In order to have their third child together, they need to go through the lengthy procedure of choosing a surrogate mother to carry their baby.

“Well, we’re about to start the treatments to go ahead and to do the transfer. Because you have to go through a psychological review for the potential carrier and yourself, and obviously, we have to negotiate a contract.” revealed Kandi.


It is the first time the couple has opted for surrogacy. The entire surrogacy process a new adventure for the hopeful couple.Kandi revealed that the process includes a psychological review. The mother of two said during the process they “ask you questions or bring up things that you didn’t really think about."


The whole thing now is her body, our baby. So, it’s a lot to think about. It’s already scary for us to go into this, but the more and more questions and different things that the counselor brings up to you before they approve you moving forward, it’s just things that I didn’t even think about.” continued Kandi


The couple opted to use Dr. Jackie, an IVF doctor, to help them with the process. The IVF doctor told the couple she prefers that her patients use somebody who’s done it before.

Kandi explained that “it’s hard to find a surrogate who actually lives in the same city or state that you live in." She then went on to explain that there are not a lot of surrogates out there and finding one you are comfortable with is often difficult.

It's not the first time Kandi has opted for alternative ways to have a baby. Kandi's fertility struggles caused her to eventually opt for in vitro fertilization to conceive her second child, Ace.