December 11, 2018

Video of cops flipping a coin to decide whether they'll arrest speeding driver went viral in 2018

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Footage of two cops deciding the fate of a speeding driver with a coin toss went viral and sparked outrage in 2018. It was a humiliating experience for the driver.

Sarah Webb, a 24-year-old hairdresser, was on her way to work when she got pulled over for speeding. In Body Cam footage, Roswell Police Officer Courtney Brown was seen interrogating Webb.

YouTube/ABC News


“Do you know how fast you were just going, ma’am?” Brown asked. Webb, who was rifling through her purse for an I.D, did not argue with the officer. She said she was sorry and explained that she was late for work. But Brown only shot back:

“So you think driving that fast on a wet road is a smart idea just because you’re late for work?”

Webb told Inside Edition much later about the treatment she received from the officers. “They were very degrading and rude and mean,” she said.

YouTube/ABC News


Brown returned to the patrol car where she and her partner, Kristee Wilson, discussed what to do about Webb, arrest her on a reckless driving charge or let her go with just a speeding ticket. Wilson then opened a coin-flipping app on their onboard computer.

“‘A’ (Arrest), head; ‘R’ (Release), tail,” Wilson said before they both giggled.

The virtual coin lands on tails but the two officers chose to arrest Webb, anyway. Shocked at the turn of events, Webb burst into tears as they put her in handcuffs. Footage from inside the patrol vehicle also shows the hairdresser sobbing in the back seat.

YouTube/ABC News


Former Los Angeles Police Sergeant, Cheryl Dorsey, saw the clip and said she believed it wasn’t the officers’ first time of doing the coin toss in that scenario.

“They did it with ease. They knew right where to go for the app. They did the coin toss. They thought it was cute.”


Webb found out about the coin toss a few weeks later, and all charges against her were dropped. She opened up about how she felt when she saw her fate being decided by a flimsy coin toss.

“I was very angry and upset,” she said. “It just hurt to know that, you know, these people are supposed to be looking out for you, and […] it was a game to them.”

Following the incident, Brown and Wilson were ordered to turn in their guns and badges and placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.



In a related development, two officers with the Minneapolis Fourth Precinct Police Department also found themselves on compulsory leave after their racist Christmas decorations were condemned widely.

The cops, Mark Bohnsack and Brandy Steberg, adorned their station’s tree with items that poked fun at the Black and Latino communities.

The act was so despicable that the Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, originally called for the officers’ termination but soft-pedaled to allow due process to take its course.

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