Monica Lewinsky makes fun of Donald Trump on Twitter for his 'smocking' gun tweet

After President Donald Trump misspelled the word "smoking" on Twitter and spelled it as "smocking", Monica Lewinsky threw some shade at him and made a joke out of his mistake. 

Hoping to add some fuel to the flame, Monica Lewinsky took to her own Twitter account to use Trump's version of the word smoking. In hers, she posted "No Smocking, please" with three fire emojis right after the text. Her tweet came right after Trump tweeted about a Fox News article that wrote about Democrats not finding a "smocking gun" connecting the previous election's Trump campaign to Russia. 

On Monday morning, Twitter users were in for quite a laugh when Donald Trump misspelled the same word twice in one tweet. The 72-year-old president shared his thoughts about a recent Fox News report, quoting a particular line from the article he was criticizing. Trump proceeded to say that this was the case as there was no collusion at all.

However, instead of focusing on what the tweet was saying, people ended up noticing how he misspelled "smoking" twice. Right after his post, people made his tweet a meme soon after, realizing that this was not the first time he misspelled the word.  

Meanwhile, Lewinsky, the former White House intern who infamously had an affair with President Bill Clinton, has become an anti-bullying advocate, hoping to draw on her experience of being at the center of mainstream media for how many months after their scandal broke out. She actively takes part in public discussions and hopes to shed light on serious issues that she feels need to be heard. 

Since then, she has publicly spoken out about the horrific experiences she faced, including the attention, criticism, and abuse that she received from the media after the news came to light. 

For now though, she wanted to give her followers something to laugh about by taking a jab at President Trump. 

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