Mothers discover washing machines store toxic black mould and leak toxic scent into the air

Dec 14, 2018
07:54 A.M.

Several women in Australia have discovered an unhealthy fact about their front loader washing machine that might be making people sick.


According to Daily Mail, Australian homeowners posted several photographs of the problem with their washing machines, which were emitting an unpleasant smell. They then discovered a thick layer of caked-on mould in the rubber seal.

Due to the design of the front loading washing machines, there is more room for dirt and grime collecting than in top loaders. These machines have watertight, airtight doors that seal with a rubber gasket, which is necessary for trapping moisture in the machine.

In comparison, the top loaders have a loose fitting metal door that allows the tank to dry before the next wash.


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The Daily Mail report suggested that the rubber seal in front loaders are covered so it is impossible to tell if they are infested or not. However, if one removes the cover to actually investigate, the result can be quite shocking.

One woman on the online cleaning forum found out how “gross” the experience can be. She wrote, “Sorry to gross you all out on this fine Sunday but clearly I haven't been diligent with the cleaning and care of my washing machine.”


She further explained that she tried wiping it with vinegar but could not get it off. The black mould had set in quite strongly.

Other women quickly jumped in to show their familiarity with the problem and offered varied solutions ranging from using bleach and bi-carb soda to cleaning with clove oil.

“We had the same problem with ours... I couldn't get the mould stain out but was told to once a month put a hot wash through it at 90 degrees, no detergent or clothing, and since I have done this it has not got the slime back,” Daily Mail quoted another woman as explaining.

Source: Facebook/DailyMail

Source: Facebook/DailyMail

According to Safewise, black mould releases dangerous mycotoxin spores that can be fatal as it causes neurological breakdown, pulmonary decay, immune system degradation, skin irritation, and even death.

Source: Facebook/DailyMail

Source: Facebook/DailyMail


Fatigue, headaches, seizure, tremors, mood swings, fever, and eye irritation can be some of the common symptoms of the adverse effect these black mould are causing. They often grow in damp, humid, and warm locations.

Source: Facebook/DailyMail

Source: Facebook/DailyMail

Previously, a mother in New South Wales, Australia also discovered toxic black mould forming in her daughter’s school classroom, which was causing her daughter to be ill.

Her 11-year-old daughter got so sick that her weight reduced to just four stones due to exposure to the mould.

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