Texas mom loses 105 lbs, becomes an inspiration after husband & his mistress criticized her weight

A Texas woman has been sharing her weight loss journey on Instagram, and her inspirational story is touching hearts all over the world.

Betsy Ayala, 36, has been working hard for the last four years to shed some extra pounds. She had always struggled with her weight as a teenager, but after entering college, she reached 200lbs. And later, after giving birth to her daughter in 2013, Betsy reached 260 lbs.

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Those things I used to trip on ... I walk over now, and you will be no exception. 🔥 It’s amazing the things you don’t have time to trip on when you’re focused on the right ones 😉 Always getting better always getting stronger and always ready to let go of what doesn’t serve a purpose in my life. I’m clear about what I want and what I can pull and I make zero compromises on that ... be your own #WCW .. that life, that love, that body and that success you’re looking for? It’s yours the second you decide to stop settling for less ... Do I have everything I want? NO Am I better than I was? YES Will I get all of it? ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY 😈 #iamthequeenbee 👑🐝🔥❤️💋 #relentless #passionseeker #spade #iwouldntsleeponthat -------------------------------------------- #joinme or #watchme #onyoubaby 💋 #dalebebe #lightthematch #alwaysinpursuit #relentless #fitmom #fitchick #girlswholift #momswholift #fitspo #weightloss #transformation #fueledbyherbalife #boss #mommymakeover #weightlosstransformation #beforeandafter #Herbalife #herbalife24 #fitness #liftheavy #liftshit #queenb

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Ayala fell into post-partum depression and anxiety, but she was determined to feel good again for herself and her baby.

“I had a newborn, and I didn’t have the will to cook, so I learned about Herbalife shakes, and I gave it a shot. Slowly I started to feel better, and I started losing weight even though that wasn’t my intention — my intention was to feel better overall through good nutrition,” she explained to People.

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I don’t get older anymore I just level up baby, old enough to know better, young enough not to care and experienced enough to do it right 🔥😈 116 lbs later who said you can’t be a #momboss and not have all the fun 💋 Step 1 learn the rules Step 2 break every single one ... I conform to no one ✌🏼 #transformationtuesday #handleit #notliketherest #dalebebe #queenb 👑🐝❤️💋 -------------------------------------------- #justgettingstarted #lightthematch #alwaysinpursuit #relentless #fitmom #fitchick #girlswholift #momswholift #fitspo #weightloss #transformation #fueledbyherbalife #boss #mommymakeover #weightlosstransformation #beforeandafter #Herbalife #herbalife24 #fitness #liftheavy #liftshit #queenb

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Betsy was married and in what she thought was a happy relationship, as her partner used to tell her not to worry about her appearance that much and encouraged her to eat junk food. But when her daughter was six-months-old, Betsy discovered her husband was having an affair, and she did in the worst way.

She read some messages the man had with his mistress on social media, where they made fun of her weight, and he called her a “fat cow.”

Devastated, the mother of one used the situation to gain even more strength and motivation to lead a healthy life. She put in more effort and started exercising six times a week, lifting weights and running while sticking to a strict high carbs only diet

“At that moment, I thought, ‘This is not going to define who I am. I don’t want to be the way I have been all these years.’ That drove me to make a permanent change in my life,” she stated.


Ayala, who works as a Herbalife coach now, has lost over 105 lbs in the past four years, and she still hasn’t reached her desired goal. But she’s happier these days and always reflecting on her journey as she keeps inspiring other women through social media.

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#TransformationTuesday 🙌🏼 “MAKE IT HAPPEN, SHOCK EVERYONE” 👊🏼 ... If you think you’ve seen the best of me, brace yourself 🔥 The more times I challenge myself and get uncomfortable and do things I’m afraid of the more I understand that I really am my only limit ... my decisions, the company I keep, how hard i push myself, whether I let fear stop me from doing something, it’s all on me. One thing to know about me? I hate being afraid ... if I am afraid to do something or say something I do it anyway with the sole purpose of getting rid of that fear. Has it gotten me in trouble? YES ... But it has taught me that I’m way tougher than I thought and a lot more capable than I ever imagined. I have fears just like everyone else I just don’t let them run my life anymore 👑🐝🔥💋 #115lbsdown #relentless #youvsyou #idontplaygames #runyourlife #bossup -------------------------------------------- #youvsyou #lightthematch #alwaysinpursuit #relentless #fitmom #fitchick #girlswholift #momswholift #fitspo #weightloss #transformation #fueledbyherbalife #boss #mommymakeover #weightlosstransformation #beforeandafter #Herbalife #herbalife24 #fitness #liftheavy #liftshit #queenb

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The most important person she wants to inspire though is her 5-year-old daughter. “She was the reason I decided to change my life, and she was what kept me going even through the most difficult time of my life,” Ayala wrote in an Instagram post.

“Whatever happened in my life was ultimately a result of my choices, not hers and from the moments she came into my life I knew I had to be better for her.”

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#TransformationTuesday 👩🏻👧🏻❤️ There have been a lot of articles written about my journey claiming I changed my life out of spite or seeking revenge ... FALSE ☝🏼 ... I don’t believe in revenge. If you truly want to find the motivation to do something you have to search for your WHY and this picture shows exactly what my WHY is 💓 She was the reason I decided to change my life and she was what kept me going even through the most difficult time of my life. Giving up has never been a option because I know exactly who is watching and how important it is to not only tell her but show her what her mommy is made of. Every time it gets hard I think of sitting her down and telling her she’s not worth it or she’s not important enough for me to keep going. Whatever happened in my life was ultimately a result of my choices not hers and from the moments she came into my life I knew I had to be better for her. 👑🐝❤️ #momlife #love #unconditionallove #everything #princessbella #noquitters

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The stunning mom is now in a happy relationship with a man that, she says, knows her worth and loves her daughter. She’s also back in good terms with her ex-husband.

“It took me a while to get to that place of forgiveness but what he did was about him and not me,” she told Daily Mail. “My journey has really helped me understand that.”


Weight loss stories are always touching, but there's something about moms going through an amazing transformation that always touches people's hearts. maybe is because as moms, these women have to work extra hard to take care of their kids and themselves while having a perfect balance in their lives.

Another mom that made headlines with her story is Rachel Saintfort, who lost 121lbs after watching her daughter upset because her classmate said her mom was "fat."

“I was never that person who let my weight get to me,” the Florida native told People on their “How We Lost 100 Lbs.” issue. “Everyone knew me to be that girl that was big, but always took care of herself.” 

However, after entering college and giving birth, Saintfort kept on adding weight and developed lymphedema in her legs, a build-up of lymph fluid that causes swelling. She panicked and started to try and lose weight, but always stopped for one reason or another.

And then, she saw how upset her daughter was that her classmates were making fun mommy's appearance, and found the motivation she was missing. “I realized that I’ve got to never quit, no matter how many times I mess up,” she stated.

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