Diana’s niece was a kid when her auntie died – she's all grown up now and looks a lot like the Princess

She shares many similarities with her famous aunt, except that she doesn't seem shy about documenting her life on social media.

Lady Kitty Spencer was only six years old when her aunt, the late Princess Diana, passed away in a horrible car accident in 1997. Today, the oldest child of Diana's brother, the ninth Earl Spencer, is a 28-year-old stunner who has developed a striking resemblance to her royal aunt.

The shape of Spencer's face is reminiscent of that of Princess Diana's. She also shares a similar jawline with her famous aunt. And to top it all, she has the same iconic blonde hair that the late Princess of Wales boasted.

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Spencer first came to the attention of media and the public when she made her first public appearance alongside her cousins, Prince William and Prince Harry, at a memorial service for Diana in 2007.

Unlike her more reserved cousins, Spencer loves sharing special moments of her life on Instagram.

From her social media posts, it's clear that Spencer has been busy these days traveling and balancing her charitable and social engagements. Her social media account also documents her hanging out with celebrities and living quite a glamorous life.

Several photos show her making trips to Italy, France, and Greece. She also posted photos that see her enjoying a safari trip in South Africa, where she spent plenty of time growing up.

Other photos show her as a lover of animals. She is often seen clicking snaps with her dog and pet cat, always spoiling them with her love and care.

Meanwhile, some of her photos also show her as a foodie who enjoys eating despite her mother's history with eating disorders.

Spencer previously claimed that her mother never put an emphasis on weight in the house, and taught her and protected her to not be obsessed with weight-related issues.

As she is not part of the royal family, Spencer lives a much freer life, even recently donning a necklace with a cannabis leaf pattern across it while in Rome for a modeling job with Bulgari. 

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