Steve McQueen’s handsome grandson is all grown up and follows in his grandfather's footsteps

Ra'eesah Manack
Dec 15, 2018
06:03 A.M.
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Steve McQueen’s grandson is ‘Chicago Fire’ star Steven R. McQueen. He is following in his granddad's footsteps.


In his time, Steve McQueen was considered one of the coolest actors. He appeared in hits like "The Great Escape" in 1963 and "The Towering Inferno" in 1974.

The films made him a critically acclaimed sensation. He also had a large female fanbase as a result of his manly roles.


McQueen was best known for his rugged good looks bad boy charm and hero roles. The famous actor had three wives in his life.

One of his wives was Hollywood sweetheart Ali MacGraw. The pair were co-stars in "The Getaway" in 1972.


McQueen’s grandson, Steven R. McQueen, is also a famous actor. He is following in his grandfather's footsteps and taking Hollywood by storm.

Steven acted in the well-known TV Drama, Chicago Fire. He was the charming Jimmy Borelli and fans had no idea he was related to the legendary actor!


Steven inherited his good looks and charisma in front of the camera from his grandfather. He also appeared in the cult favorite TV series "The Vampire Diaries."

The young star takes his legacy seriously. He revealed in an interview that his grandfather was a Hollywood legend.


However the knowledge of his grandfathers legacy did not inspire his acting career. On the contrary, the thought of trying to live up to McQueen’s standards terrified him.

"Knowing that my grandad was a highly respected actor wasn't necessarily intimidating, but it definitely meant there was always a pressure to live up to his reputation. I think that's why acting wasn't something I even considered doing, as a kid." revealed Steven

However, the acting bug bit him and Steven started his own career. The growing star hopes to build his reputation away from his grandfathers legacy.