Djimon Hounsou poses with new girlfriend & ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons' kids at 'Aquaman' premiere

Djimon Hounsou shows what blended families are all about as he goes on a movie date with his girlfriend and his son with Kimora Lee. Also with them was Kimon's son with her current husband.

It was a blended family affair at the premiere of “Aquaman” where Djimon Hounsou brought his new girlfriend along with his son and stepson with his ex-wife, Kimora Lee. 


Djimon plays The Fisherman King in the DC film and naturally, his superhero-loving son, Kenzo, wanted to see it. Joining him was his half-brother, Wolfe, who’s Kimora’s son with her current husband, Tim Leissner. Add to the mix Djimon’s new flame and he’s got one happy blended movie date. 

Photos from the premiere in Hollywood revealed a dapper Djimon in a light grey suit flanked by his two young guests who seemed thrilled to be part of the event. Kenzo stood next to his father who carried a revved-up Wolfe with one arm. In separate photos, Djimon also posed alongside his girlfriend who looked stunning in a sparkly gray dress. 


It’s no surprise that Kimora would allow her son Wolfe to join the affair. She and Djimon managed to stay friends after announcing their separation in 2012. They were married via a Benin commitment ceremony in 2008 but were never legally married in the US. Despite things not working out between them, they stayed committed to co-parenting Kenzo and even Kimora’s two older children with her first husband, Russell Simmons. 


In June, Kimora and Djimon joined forces to throw Kenzo an epic superheroes party to celebrate his 9thbirthday.  They each shared images from the day on social media. Kenzo is fond of superheroes which is why the theme of the party paid tribute to the likes of the Black Panther, Spiderman, Captain America and Wonder Woman. 


There’s a sad story behind Kenzo’s passion for superheroes which Djimon shared a few years back. Kenzo told his father he wished he had lighter skin so he could be a superhero too. This devastated Djimon who realized the sad reality that superheroes were all white. Thanks to the emergence of the Black Panther recently, that reality is slowly changing. Djimon was actually considered for the role of the Black superhero but didn’t get the part. Now that he’s featured in “Aquaman” and soon as The Wizard in Shazam, his son must be so thrilled.  

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