'I'm feeling very pregnant today,' Meghan Markle shows off her baby bump during nursing home visit

Meghan Markle’s royal bump was on full display during her recent visit to a nursing home where she also revealed she’s “very good” and “very pregnant.”

Meghan Markle’s baby bump is just as famous as her so when it makes an appearance, headlines are made.


During a recent visit to Brinsworth House, a facility that houses and cares for British entertainers and run by the Royal Variety Charity, Meghan’s celebrated bump became one of the highlights. The expectant mom’s form-fitting romantic white dress with floral prints drew attention to it while she cradled it on several occasions on instinct. 

Meghan briefly spoke about her pregnancy to one of the residents, 87-year-old Josephine Gordon, and revealed she was “very good.” As if to confirm what she said, she gently touched her belly and joked that she was also feeling “very pregnant” that day. 

The Duchess of Sussex also empathized with Gordon when she learned she had no kids because of her career. As a former actress herself who made her career her priority, she told the woman, “Yes, I understand.”


Meghan is expected to deliver her child with Prince Harry in the spring so she’s nearing her third trimester, a stage when her baby bump can no longer be concealed. It’s also the time when the prominence of her bump alerts her to its presence which prompts her to touch it more often. 

The expectant mom was even criticized recently for overdoing it when some noticed her frequently cradling her tummy during her appearance at the British Fashion Awards. Experts defended her by saying it was a natural habit for pregnant mothers which is also beneficial to her unborn child. 


Meghan surprised the audience of the awards night when she showed up to honor Claire Wright Keller, the designer responsible for her iconic wedding dress. Keller is the artistic director of Givenchy and was lauded as this year’s Womenswear Designer of the Year. Keller was surprised to see Meghan on stage after original presenter Rosamund Pike introduced a “special guest.” Meghan glowed in a black one-shoulder dress which did nothing to conceal her equally appealing baby bump. 

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