Meghan Markle gets dragged for constantly cradling her baby bump at the British Fashion Awards

Meghan Markle strange pregnancy behavior sparked a global debate. The stars constant baby bump cradling at her surprise appearance at the British Fashion Awards this week left fans questioning her motives.

The Duchess of Sussex is expecting her first baby with husband, Prince Harry. The 37-year-old made a surprise appearance at the British Fashion Awards and posed for pics.

However, her pose caused eyebrows to raise. The former movie star stood cradling her baby bump while she presented an award to her wedding dress designer, Givenchy artistic director Clare Waight Keller.

Many felt the Duchess was simply showing off. While some felt it was motherly, most believed she was simply trying to exaggerate the bump and catch the attention of the media that was present.

@CallMeTreacle tweeted,  "Cupping the bump? WHO DOES THIS? #MeghanMarkle who the hell does she think she is #Madonna and child? Something VERY creepy going on in this woman's head."

"Seriously, no pregnant woman poses for a photo like this. Ever. She's such an actress. #MeghanMarkle #duchessofsussex #BritishFashionAwards #actingup," another wrote, adding, "Especially when you're a royalty [sic] ... She should learn from Kate on how to pose regally when pregnant. Both hands discretely [sic] under the bump. Not cradling like Demi Moore. #Crasspregnancy #MeghanMarkle." tweeted another.

A Twitter account calling itself @marklebabybump poked fun at the debacle. It tweeted, "I'm Meghan Markle's cradled baby bump and I'm famous!" 


Others defended the Duchess saying she was probably acting on motherly instinct. One user questioned why any of it mattered by asking, "So now there are rules on how often a woman can hold her baby bump?" 

"Oh my God, she is in a loud environment.  People seem to forget the bump is not an inanimate object,  there's a living being on the other side.  She is soothing him/her. Is the dislike for this lady so great, that people forget to use their critical thinking skills. #meghanmarkle" tweeted one user in the Duchess's defense.

While Meghan's baby bump was controversial, it was not the only problematic part of the American born Duchess's public appearance. Markle also broke royal protocol by wearing a dark manicure.

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