Missouri police officers find infant girl floating in a freezing pond

Being a police officer can be a grueling job. Besides the long hours, there are all the different and terrible types of crime one is exposed to. One police officer from Missouri recently experienced this.

A man from Greenwood gave himself into the police claiming that he had drowned his six-month-old daughter in an icy lake.

The manner in which he gave his statement was emotionless. The police immediately jumped into action and tried to save the baby before it was too late.

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The father had abandoned his baby daughter in the pond. When police arrived at the scene, they found the baby floating unconscious in the cold lake.

Luckily, the baby had only been in the water for ten minutes before the police arrived, which gave her a better chance at survival.

The police contacted paramedics who arrived shortly afterward. The baby girl was wrapped up in blankets, and CPR was performed. She soon started breathing normally again.

The baby was taken to the hospital to be monitored. Her father was arrested and charged with first-degree domestic assault. He stated not being able to provide for his family as the cause of the murder.


A 25-year-old mother, Kimberly Martines, was found guilty of murdering her 17-month-old daughter and has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Kimberly confessed poisoning the baby with a salt overdose and was arrested when her daughter was brought into the hospital. The baby died five days later.

The mother said she killed the baby girl to get her estranged husband to return home. Kimberley’s son and the twin sister of the murdered infant are in protective custody.


A father, Gerald Brink, has been convicted of murdering his seven-week-old daughter. Gerald, 38, will spend 50 years in prison.

The baby died as a result of blunt force head trauma which led to brain damage. In the trial, it came to light that Gerald has various mental disorders which inhibit him from thinking logically.

Gerald had previously been convicted of charges related to theft and non-violent offenses.

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