President Trump complains about Twitter holding him back

Donald Trump is not very happy when it comes to social media, particularly Facebook, Google, and his favorite platform of all, Twitter.

The President of the United States seems to believe that the three tech giants are purposely censoring conservatives in favor of liberals.

As can be seen in Trump's latest tweet, the President claims that the three platforms are biased toward Democrats and that he has suffered because of it.

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According to the 72-year-old mogul, Twitter 'has made it much more difficult for people' to follow him since the company 'removed many names and greatly slowed the level and speed of increase.'

The President is convinced that Twitter is 'shadow banning' prominent Republicans by not making their names pop up when they are typed in the search engines.


Twitter has previously denied intentionally limiting the visibility of conservatives, arguing that they don't make any judgments based on the substance of tweets or even political views.

Back in July, the social media platform admitted that they were fully aware of the problem and that they fixed the issue, but the problem seems to remain.

"No administration has ever done more in the first two years than the Trump administration."


Aside from Twitter, Facebook has also been targeted by conservatives who accused the company of having a left-leaning agenda, which was why pages supporting Trump were shut down at the beginning of the year.

As it turns out, Twitter and Facebook's efforts to delete fake or bot accounts has been affecting a great number of celebrities, including the U.S. President, who is estimated to have lost around 300,000 followers back in October.

This didn't stop Trump, however, from watching his internet popularity grown from 54.8 million fans and followers to 56 million in the last two months.


The President recently attended the Congressional Ball, along with First Lady Melania Trump, where he delivered a short speech regarding the two years he has been in office.

According to Trump, those two years have been 'very, very special,' and 'no administration has ever done more in the first two years than the Trump administration.'

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