Single mom from the Bronx detains a man allegedly trying to steal her car in recent footage

A New York mother just showed the internet why you should never mess with a mom from the Bronx.

49-year-old Tihisha Jones was taking her son to school on Tuesday when the five-year-old noticed something in his mother’s car. Jones, who has a heart condition and uses a walker, did not think twice as adrenaline had her rushing toward the suspected thief.

YouTube/CBS New York

YouTube/CBS New York

She told CBS New York:

“As I got closer, I see the guy in the driver’s seat bending down over, and I don’t know what happened, I blacked out after that. I couldn’t tell you; I just went into a rage.”

Jones may have had no recollection of her reflex reaction, but thanks to Katie Mack, a filmmaker/director who lives in an apartment across the scene, we have video evidence.

YouTube/CBS New York

YouTube/CBS New York

In the cellphone-filmed video, Jones was seen grabbing the intruder, identified as 19-year-old Bernardino Santiago, while speaking into her phone, most likely to the police.

About two other women are also standing by for support as Jones used her body to hold Santiago in place.

“He tried to get away, so he tried to take off his shirt,” Jones narrated. “That’s when I sat down on him.”

YouTube/CBS New York

YouTube/CBS New York

The single mom sat on Santiago until the police arrived and took him into custody. Jones’ rage was not misplaced. Her car had been broken into twice in recent weeks, and she said the vehicle is her lifeline and the only way she can get to her many doctors' appointments.

“I saved to get that car myself. I’m a single parent. I’d just had enough. It’s time to fight back. I don’t think this is fair, that people work hard for these things and for [other] people to just take these things away.”

"Just the last week they broke my window. So I guess he got a whoopin' for the old and the new," she said to News 4 New York. "He's lucky I didn't kill him."

When the Police arrived, Santiago, who was reportedly intoxicated, claimed he thought the car was his Uber. He has since been charged with attempted grand larceny, petty larceny, and criminal stolen possession of stolen property.

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