Woman, 53, discovered her husband had another wife and 'at least 13 children with six women'

Mary Turner Thomson thought that she found the love of her life in William Jordan after meeting him online. Unfortunately, the truth was completely different.

The ex-couple met each other in 2000. Mary, who was a single mother of a nine-month-old child at the time, considered that William was a perfect man to marry, so they walked down the aisle two years later.

Soon after meeting each other, William told her that he was an IT consultant, which explained why he was often away on what he labeled “business trips.” One day, however, Mary followed him to a house that had several children toys scattered around the garden and had a woman inside.


When she confronted him, William told her that he and the other woman were CIA agents and even made her feel terrible as she allegedly “blew their cover.” Mary believed in her man’s word and eventually marry him.

Since their relationship was far from good as he would often miss important milestones, including their honeymoon and the birth of one of their children, Mary gave William an ultimatum: the CIA or their relationship.

Using his persuasive skills, the husband made Mary to sell everything she got, including an apartment and a car, because blackmailers were allegedly after him. If they didn’t pay, their children would be kidnapped and killed.


After living in absolute terror for a while, she got a call in 2006, six years after meeting William, from the police. They revealed that her husband was engaged to another woman – his office worker named Denise.

She had reported William because he used her credit car to buy a Mercedes Benz. Later, agents told her that the man was a convicted sexual predator who assaulted an underage girl.

Mary even got a phone call from a woman who said: “’Are you Mrs. Jordan?' I said yes. 'Well, I'm the other Mrs. Jordan.'" After that, they met each other and even compared the looks of their children, what set clear that William was the father of them.


It didn’t end there. They learned that, at the time, he had 10 children by four different women, but later found that he had at least five fiancés and 13 children. The man served two-and-a-half years of a five-year sentence for different charges, including bigamy. 

Later, William was deported to the US but carried on defrauding women and was jailed. Mary said that he was free again and still living the life of a conman.

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