October 22, 2021

Woman Discovered Partner's Double Life Thanks to Piece of Paper She Found under His Laptop – Life Story

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A 22-year-old woman opened up on Reddit after discovering her boyfriend's terrible secret life. She was horrified to hear why he was living a double life. 

Her boyfriend moved in with her a year ago after two years of dating. She was sure about spending the rest of her life with him and had planned to marry him.

She had to change her plans when she discovered a mysterious piece of paper in the house, which led her to her boyfriend's secret world. 

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A Redditor named thisfeelslikeafilm shared details of her boyfriend's unusual behavior before revealing the main story. He was spending more time on his phone and was taking long baths. She continued:

"He wanted to be left alone, he was coming home late from work but he assured me nothing was wrong."

As her suspicions grew, she started keeping an eye on him. One day, she saw him scribble something on a piece of paper that he slid under his laptop.

Her boyfriend wrote something on a chit | Source: Unsplash



After he went away, she quietly took the paper out from under the laptop. To her surprise, he had written a Snapchat username and password on the sheet. 

As she scrolled down, she came across photos of him in unknown places

Her fingers trembled as she typed the username and password on her phone. She was appalled to see a list of hundreds of unknown girls after she logged into the account. 

She opened Snapchat on her phone | Source: Unsplash



Her boyfriend had saved the girls' locations along with their names. "Did he meet them in person?wondered the woman to herself as her heart skipped a beat. 

After looking at the usernames, she gathered the courage to open one of the chats. To her horror, her boyfriend introduced himself with a different identity. 

He pretended to be a rich man who lived in another city. He had sent photos of his girlfriend's house and claimed he was the owner. 

He pretended to be a rich man | Source: Unsplash


The woman was shocked to the core. She wanted to find out more, so she went through the other chats and figured out he had been talking to these random women for the past nine months.

He didn't talk to them regularly but took unusual 2-3 months-long breaks. However, he said the same things to every girl and asked them out for a cup of coffee. 

The OP (Original Poster)revealed that she felt like she was in a mystery documentary when she stumbled upon the nudes he had exchanged with those random women.

She scrolled down to see more photos | Source: Unsplash


As she scrolled down, she came across photos of him in unknown places with people she had never seen. He was living a whole new life traveling across cities to meet new people.

OP wanted to find out how her boyfriend knew all these women, so she added each one of them on her Snapchat and asked them how they knew him.

Some girls confessed they randomly accepted his friend request, while others said they met through mutual friends. Only one girl claimed she had met him in person. 

The man met another girl | Source: Unsplash


OP asked the girl what happened when they met. She replied they met at an event, but they didn't click, so she left and never spoke to him again.


To her surprise, her boyfriend was very calm when she confronted him. He said he only talked to other girls when he was "unsure" about their relationship.

He admitted having an "evil side" that urged him to live a fake life because he enjoyed its thrill. He apologized while admitting he was a terrible person and even packed his bags because he was sure OP would kick him out.

Her boyfriend was ready to leave | Source: Unsplash


OP didn't accept his apology because she knew there was no going back. Her boyfriend had crossed the line, but she couldn't understand what was going on in his mind. One Redditor advised:

"Just remember that you’re nothing but another name and location on that list to him."

The Redditor added she had a similar experience and suggested OP get rid of her boyfriend to save herself from getting hurt again. Most Redditors told the OP to leave him and find another guy. 

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