October 18, 2021

Woman Notices Pink Sanitary Towel Wrapper in Boyfriends Trash & Thinks He's Cheating

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A woman suspected her boyfriend was cheating on her when she spotted a pink-colored pad wrapper in his bathroom trashcan. She discovered the shocking truth after confronting him at the dinner table. The woman wasn't expecting this from him. 

Suspecting that your partner is having an affair with someone else is one of the worst feelings in this world. A million questions pop up in your mind. Your heart starts racing as you picture your partner cuddling with someone else.

What are the chances of your partner confessing their crime when you confront them? A Redditor tried her luck after she suspected her boyfriend was cheating on her. He immediately revealed the truth.


Pink sanitary pad wrapper inside trashcan | Source: Shutterstock


A Redditor named speechie_debater wrote that she and her boyfriend regularly stayed at each other's apartments. One day, while her boyfriend wasn't at home, she was getting ready in his bathroom.


She noticed a strange pink wrapper in the trashcan. Within a few moments, she realized it was a sanitary pad wrapper. The ones I use are wrapped in blue, she thought to herself. 

The pink wrapper stayed in her mind while she took her class and then went to work. She returned to his apartment after work and decided what to do next.

Her boyfriend's bathroom | Source: Pexels



She sat at the dinner table with her boyfriend, wondering if he was cheating on her. How should I confront him? she thought while chewing her tasteless food. At last, she gathered the courage to talk to him. 

"OK, look, I'm not accusing you of anything. But I saw something, and I need an explanation," she said after taking a deep breath. Her boyfriend gave her a puzzled look.

"I saw a pink-colored sanitary pad wrapper in the bathroom trashcan while I was getting ready for work," she continued. To her surprise, her boyfriend burst out laughing. 


Woman's boyfriend laughing | Source: Unsplash

"Babe, go look at the shelf on top of my computer. No, seriously, go look!" he insisted. The girl quickly headed towards his computer table and spotted a container. Her face flushed red when she opened it.


The container was full of pink cleaning wipes. The woman felt terrible for doubting her boyfriend's loyalty. He must be thinking I'm crazy, she thought. Another Redditor shared a story where his girlfriend did something similar.

The Redditor wrote that his girlfriend saw a pink toothbrush in his bathroom and thought he was cheating on her. She was shocked when he told her it was his toothbrush. He added that he doesn't care what color toothbrush it is as long as it does the job. 

Toothbrushes in the man's bathroom | Source: Unsplash



Cheating partners are often masters at hiding their affairs. However, it's not impossible to decipher the truth. Some behavioral changes are a clear indicator of a cheating spouse. 

According to a relationship counselor, Yvonne Filler, technological advancements have made it difficult to hide an affair. A cheating partner is more likely to turn off the iCloud "share on all devices" feature on their iPhone. 

She also shared that some cheating spouses also completely stop using shared devices. They also spend less time on social media, and their smartwatch has exercise records at odd hours.


Woman using phone in the dark | Source: Pexels

A clinical psychologist, Ramani Durvasula, says cheating partners don't share what they did during the day. Forgetting to mention something once or twice is OK, but constant repetition means the person is lying, according to a family therapist, David Klow.


Another sign of cheating could be using the phone in the bathroom. Klow says some people are addicted to their phones, so they take them to the toilet, which doesn't count as cheating. 

Darvasula suggests keeping an eye if it's a new habit. According to her, cheating partners keep their phones with them at all times because they know they can receive a message from their lover anytime. 

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