Woman who has over 200 surgeries to look like a cartoon denied further procedures on 'Botched'

Pixee Fox is a woman from North Carolina who appeared on “Botched” asking Doctors Nassif and Dubrow to lower her hairline but they refused to do it.

When Pixee told the doctors that she wanted the previously mentioned surgery, they couldn’t understand why as her hair-line was in the right place. The lady then explained that she had undergone more than 200 plastic surgeries, and everything made sense.

According to Pixee, she never felt like a human being but a Pixie, so she wanted to do everything possible to look like one. The doctors believe that she suffers from body dysmorphia and that she is a plastic surgery addict.

The 28-year-old lady, who used to work as an electrician, has undergone four boob jobs, brow lifts, a cheekbone reduction, a complete facial reconstruction and even an eyelash transplant using pubic hair, which is something that the doctors in “Botched” didn’t know was possible.

Apart from that, Pixee revealed that she got six ribs removed and even traveled all the way to India to get her eyes blue. Since the procedure to do so is very dangerous, and it can leave the patient blind, it is illegal in the US and Europe.

The lady went to Seoul, too, to get a face-breaking procedure that could have left her paralyzed, had got two rounds of liposuction, labiaplasty, and even an ear alteration. She has done all that to create her “own cartoon figure” as she wants to be her “own superhero character.”

One of the most striking aspects of her multiple surgeries is all the money she has spent – an estimate of $35,300. As The Sun reported, “sugar daddies” have funded most of the procedures.

Pixee is not the only woman who has spent a lot of money on plastic surgeries. Celine Centino experienced bullying when she was a teenager, which made her embark on a mission to change her physical appearance no matter what.

Her plastic surgery journey started in 2013, and throughout four years, she got three breast augmentations along with a nose job and cheek, lip and chin fillers. “I'm finally happy again that I can live the life I always wanted. Also, it makes me feel stronger than I was before. If someone says anything bad about me, I don't care. Nobody can hurt me anymore,” Céline stated.

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