Here's how you can turn your baby’s clothes into keepsake ‘memory bears’

Now you can have an embrace from a friend or family member whenever you like. Here's how to make yourself the most charming memory bears.

We are all faced with losing somebody we adore at some point. Luckily, there are artists and crafty mothers who are transforming those old infant garments into teddy bears.

For years to come, parents and children would now be able to love these so-called "memory bears." They are also an ideal gift you can give to your loved ones.

Aside from memory bears, you can also transform these outfits into a pillow.

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Check out some of these examples from Etsy.

You don't really need to pay another person to make you a memory bear.

The video tutorial below demonstrates how to make a beautiful Memory Teddy Bear from a nine-piece pattern. You can also get a printable download of the design.

It is made in 9 simple pieces, and we know that you will love the outcomes.

“The main thing, no matter what fabric you’re using, is to add fusible interfacing to stabilize the fabric,” said Sherry Sopoci, who made the pattern.

According to Sopoci, interfacing will keep the onesie texture from batching.

She additionally gave tips and guidance for sewing beginners:

  • When you’re using the pattern to cut pieces, make sure to cut two inverse pieces - one for each half of the bear.
  • Rather than adding the interfacing to isolate onesie pieces, try lining and ironing the whole onesie at one time before cutting. This is a huge time-saver.

Sopoci, who has long periods of experience making memory bears, said that instead of onesies, you can always use different pieces of clothing such as a hospital blanket or even a two-piece set of pajamas.

Aside from memory bears, you can also transform these outfits into a pillow. Check out these patterns and tutorials.

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