Remember singer Teddy Riley? His daughter is on 'L&HH' & mom to a 5-yr-old girl who looks like her

Singer and songwriter Teddy Riley has a daughter, Nia Riley, who appeared in "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood." Nia also has a daughter who looks just like her.

As most proud mothers would do, Nia has uploaded several photos of her daughter, Kamryn Riley, on social media. Even though the identity of her father has not been revealed, rumors suggest that Nia’s ex-boyfriend Soulja Boy is the lucky one.

There are some tweets and videos that apparently confirm the rapper is Kamryn ‘s father, including an Instagram post from 2014 wherein Soulja asked his followers for prayers to his girlfriend and “daughter” who were involved in a car accident.

The car both ladies were in flipped over and they were injured. Thankfully, they are as healthy as possible nowadays. After breaking up with Soulja, the “L&HH” star was reportedly involved with Lil Fizz, who also appeared in the show.

Things were not like those speculations suggested, though, as they were not in a relationship, something that Nia has set clear a couple of times already by saying that she has not dated anyone after Soulja.

In August 2016, a surprising rumor started circulating the internet claiming that Soulja Boy, who was no longer Nia’s boyfriend, allegedly sent death threats to her and the man who was supposedly dating her at the time.

However, Nia told TMZ soon later that she was not dating anyone and that the death threat rumor was nothing but an internet troll created to upset Soulja.

Back in 2017, Nia was body-shamed in a now-deleted Instagram post wherein she appeared wearing a bronze bikini showcasing her beautiful physique. A user took to the comment section to say that she looked fat in a very hurtful way.

Nia’s response was both straightforward and graceful. She said that people kill themselves over social media or get depressed for messages like the one the hater sent her, pointing out that the man who did it should not be part of the problem.

The reality TV star’s father, Teddy, has had eight children with different women. He has always shared identical love to all of them, though, and he has proven so with his social media posts.

At the moment, Teddy is living with his wife, Donna Roberts, who is the mother of three of his children, Dejanee, Taja, and Tiara Riley. Even though he is 51 years old, Teddy keeps working as a producer for the production team QDT.

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