'Shirley' Cindy Williams finally shares her feelings on the death of 'Laverne' Penny Marshall

Cindy Williams, the famous Shirley Feeney from "Laverne & Shirley," recently paid a sweet tribute to her longtime friend Penny Marshall.

The star is mourning the loss of her former co-star on the show, who passed away on Monday night, December 17, 2018, at the age of 75.

Williams took to her Twitter account to share a lovely tribute to Marshall in the form of the 'L' that Laverne used to wear on the sitcom.

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Along with the letter 'L,' Williams wrote 'I love you, Partner,' a clear indication of the bond they had both in front of the camera and out.

But, although they shared a beautiful friendship, the duo went through a period in which they had a lot of hard feelings towards one another.


Marshall and Williams starred on "Laverne & Shirley" from 1976 to 1983, but seasons into filming, Williams left the show without telling Marshall why.

According to the late actress, she would walk out in front of the audience without Williams and it would be a very awkward moment because she would be asked where her partner was.

Williams later explained that, at the time, she became pregnant with her first child, but the producers wanted her to work on her due date, which she didn't accept.

"I love you, Partner."

The show came to an end with only Marshall at the helm and the duo was able to overcome their differences and become friends once again.


Marshall had a rough time carrying the weight of the sitcom on her shoulders alone, but she managed to do it, just like she managed to accomplish many feats throughout the years.

Aside from all the movies and shows she was in, the hardest obstacle Marshall had to tackle was the brain and lung cancer that she was diagnosed with in 2009. Fortunately, she fought like a champion and went into remission in 2012.

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