Video of a group of guys busting wild dance moves on subway went viral with 74M views in 2018

Mary Scott
Dec 20, 2018
08:49 P.M.

Many things happen on the subway, but few can be compared to the dance explosion that broke the internet in 2018.



Energy and creativity channeled into talent, Wiz the Kid is an internet favorite as he and a troupe of dancers chose to blow our minds by creating a sensational and outrageous dance video inside a train! A video of the spectacular performance is found below.

He is not your regular dancer, and you have most likely seen him on TV or in other exciting dance videos. Wiz the Kid began his career as a hip-hop dancer at the very young age of 17, making his debut in the eighth season of “America's Got Talent.”




In a video captioned “Not your Average Train Ride,” the dance maven and his crew pulled off a progression of energetic and impressive dance moves on a moving train. Some of the steps look nearly impossible, yet so swiftly and gracefully done.

The footage was posted on November 13, 2018, and in less than three weeks, already had over 71 million views on Facebook alone.


The clip opens with choreography; five guys are dishing out powerful moves, apparently having fun and doing what they love.

Just then, incredibly, a guy in red hangs his right leg over his head. Whoa, some gutsy move!


As though being a talented dancer was not enough, Wiz is also a sweet son. He had fans drooling, even more, when he surprised his mother in March of 2018.

Putting a unique spin on the traditional flower bouquet, Wiz wrapped dollar bills on each flower and presented it to his mom.

Meanwhile, another subway performance went viral in 2017. A passenger on the shuttle train from Grand Central to Times Square filmed a boy-and-girl duo as they sang and drummed.


In an even more spectacular twist, one young lady chose the subway train as the venue for her birthday party and had social media users on opposing sides with comments.


All these stories only go to prove that there’s hardly ever a dull moment on the subway.

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