December 21, 2018

Archie Campbell's classic hit 'Rindercella’ received a second wind in this video by Chad Prather

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The American comedian, actor, and writer, Archie Campbell, is best known for his role in the show “Hee Haw.” One of his classic bits “Rindercella” was recently done by comedian Chris Prather.

This bit retells the story of Cinderella with a humorous twist, as it contains mixed up words. Chris filmed his version in a truck, which is one of his favorite filming locations.

In the video, he is wearing a cowboy hat and emphasizing a Southern twang to enhance the comedic effect of his tale.

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While Archie’s version remains the best one, Chris’s version has its special flair. He tells the story flawlessly as if he had rehearsed it to perfection.

This video is a bit of comic relief for Chris and his audience, as he usually uses his YouTube account to discuss important social and political issues.


He introduces the video by honoring Archie’s memory and saying that the story is a reminder of the possibility for all relationships to go upside down and backward.





of Mars Hill College, Archie first had a radio career, and then he joined the Navy during World War Two. He returned to radio after the war and at the end of the 1950s, he signed a record deal.

His hit singles include “The Men In My Little Girl’s Life,” “Tell It Like It Is,” and “The Dark End Of The Street.”


His television career began in 1969 with “Hee Haw,” where he performed many hits which became quite popular. One of his main comic techniques was spoonerism when one mixes letters of words around.

He passed away from a heart attack in 1987. His childhood home has been modified into a museum about his life.