Story of cops who end up playing video games after responding to noise complaint still warms hearts

Mary Scott
Dec 21, 2018
09:21 A.M.
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Several cops responded to a noise complaint at an apartment in Minneapolis, but they eventually realized they liked the “noise” and joined in the fun.


Jovante Williams, a dancer, based in Minneapolis, took to social media to narrate a shocking twist that went down at his friend’s apartment in December.


Neighbors called the police with a noise complaint about the guys, but when the cops arrived at the scene, they ended up joining the guys to play the favorite Nintendo fighting game “Super Smash Bros.” 

Williams’ posts wasted no time going viral and have been shared over and over again.

Neighbors at the Minneapolis apartment complex had complained several times about the noise, but the guys saw no need for the complaints since their volumes were not turned up.


Storm McKee, the owner of the apartment, told BMTN:

“Each time we brought the volume down further to the point where the TV was on mute and our music was only playing at 10 percent volume.”

“I explained to them (the five policemen at the door) that we heard complaints and turned everything down and even brought our voices to basically a whisper. The security guard had my back and said he didn’t know why they were complaining either.”


McKee invited the policemen in, and they accepted the invitation. It also happened that more police officers showed up later on to experience the fun.

Then it turned out that even the police officers were eager to participate in the game as a few of them already knew how it works.

“I never played the game, so I said, ‘Why not?’” Officer Isaac Palmer told local paper Twin Cities.


Unlike a few other unpleasant encounters with the police, this one turned out to be eventful and fun-filled. Everyone seemed enthralled by how the police officers embraced the experience and behaved so casually. No one was hurt or bullied. The experience was positively eye-opening and turned out, according to Williams, "wholesome" after all.