Michelle Obama explains why her friendship with George Bush resonates with so many people

Dec 21, 2018
06:34 A.M.

The former first lady opened up about her cordial relationship with George Bush to inspire a room full of girls during a leadership event.


Michelle Obama paid a surprise visit to 150 female high school students in Dallas during the first annual Young Women’s Leadership Conference organized at the Winspear Opera House.

The young students had been studying Obama’s memoir, “Becoming,” as a part of their workshop. However, the students were not expecting the former first lady herself to attend the event.

When an announcer called her on stage, many of the students broke into tears and almost everyone was left in a state of shock.


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Among several encouraging advice delivered to the young girls, Obama also talked about how her friendly ties with the former president, George W. Bush, resonated with many people.

“There will always be someone who wants to punch you in the stomach because you’re moving a little too high.

Obama explained that their relationship is beyond any “party” or “race,” which the Americans find inspiring and ideal.


She stated, “That is one of the reasons why I think my relationship with George Bush resonates with so many people because I think Americans want to get beyond party, race and understand that there is so much more that brings us together.

Speaking more on the importance of positivity, Obama advised the students to focus on “all the good things people have said.” She explained that everyone has a choice in any given moment – whether to stay positive or to embrace negativity.


“There will always be someone who wants to punch you in the stomach because you’re moving a little too high. You’re saying things they don’t agree with. You have to practice vigorously to tune out the negative and eat up the positive.”

Michelle Obama, WFAA, December 17, 2018


Previously, Obama also opened up about Bush’s sweet gesture toward her during his father’s funeral some weeks ago.

While speaking to a moderator at the SAP Center, San Jose during the promotion of her book, Obama said that Bush shared a “mint” with her on the occasion, which shows his “presence of mind and the sense of humor.”

As a popular public figure, Obama has often shared many inside stories with her fans and follower as a way of inspiring or encouraging them.

A couple of weeks ago, she also opened up about one of the most embarrassing moments of her White House days during a podcast.

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