December 21, 2018

Two bodies found buried behind home in Georgia suspected to be of missing teen siblings

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Elwyn and Candice Crocker were arrested after police officers found the bodies of two children buried close to their property.

According to Fox 28 Media, the bodies have not been identified yet. However, they are believed to be 14-year-old Mary and Elwyn Croker Jr., who had been missing for a few weeks and years respectively.

Elwyn Sr. is the biological father of both children, while Candice is their step-mother. Mary went missing in October 2018, and Elwyn Jr. had not been seen since November 2016.



One of the most striking aspects of both disappearances is that any member of the family, including Kim Wright, the children's step-grandmother, reported them. Police admitted that they only learned that something was off when they got an anonymous call from someone who said to be afraid for Mary as they had not seen her in a while.


Deputies then called the adult family members of Mary, and they told them that the girl moved to her biological mother’s home. Investigators noticed that the family members were giving “conflicting information.”



After a while, some interviews with Elwyn Sr. led agents to search the ground of his home where both bodies were found. The bodies were sent to get an autopsy to determine if they were Mary and Elwyn Jr., as well as the cause of death.


The Crockers lived with a third child in the house whose name was not revealed. Since he has special needs, the police sent him to the hospital “to make sure he had his health issues taken care of,” said Effingham County Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie.



Apart from 49-year-old Elwyn Sr. and 33-year-old Candice – who was the biological mother of the child sent to the hospital – 50-year-old step-grandmother Kim was also charged with concealing the death of a person and cruelty to children in the first degree.  


Since the investigation is still ongoing, more charges are expected to hit the suspects when the autopsy reveals more details of the children’s passing. Unfortunately, it is not the first time that a similar crime takes place.



Christopher Watts pleaded guilty to nine charges, including five counts of first-degree murder, after he killed his pregnant wife and two daughters in August. He confessed to killing his wife, Shaanann, in a “rage attack” after he allegedly saw her killing their two daughters.

The bodies of the woman and their two children were found in an oil extraction site where Christopher worked until his dismissal, which happened on the same day as his arrest.

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