Kids shouldn't open doors to strangers, but if this 2-year-old behaved, her mom might have died

Clever thinking of a two-year-old girl saved her mother’s life after she suffered an allergic reaction and fell unconscious.

24-year-old Jasmine Pounsberry fell down and hit her head hard after an allergy from a painkiller she was taking for her ear infection made her unconscious.

After the mother fell down, her daughter, Esme Hawkins, somehow came up with the idea of contacting her mother’s best friend through FaceTime.

Esme reached out to 23-year-old Jess Decent and told her that her mother “was sleeping and hurt her head.” Decent then contacted emergency services requesting them to rush to Pounsberry’s aid.

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When Esme opened the doors for the paramedics, he bravely told them, “You make mummy better now.”

Pounsberry later recalled that she lost her balance and collapsed due to a combination of a serious ear infection, migraine, and an allergic reaction to the painkiller codeine. She fell on the hallway and hit the back of her head on the wall.

“I was unconscious for a while but I woke up to hearing Esme on my phone on FaceTime telling my best friend I'm on the floor sleeping,' she told the news outlet.

While on the floor, Pounsberry could hear her best friend telling Esme some instructions on what she needed to do while also consoling her.

The mother revealed that Esme was instructed to never open the doors for strangers so Decent had to make an effort to convince Esme that she could break the rule just this one time.

Fortunately, Esme, who is ‘older than her years’ as per her mother, understood the urgency of the situation and managed to let the paramedics in.

Her husband, Ryan Hawkins, arrived later at the scene while the paramedics were treating Pounsberry. She is now on antibiotics, recovering from the injury.

The mother further stated that she is proud of her daughter, whose presence of mind saved her life.

'She does go on my phone most days with my supervision. But I didn't know she'd know how to use it by herself,” Pounsberry said. “Esmé will be spoilt rotten this Christmas and who knows what I'd have done without her.”

Young children like Esme have often made headlines and their surprised the world with their unique bravery in the face of danger.

Back in December 2015, another young girl from also showed similar quick thinking to save her pregnant mother.

Three-year-old Emma Bazzard even received a bravery award for dialing 999 and successfully answering a series of questions to provide her mother’s name and address.

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