December 26, 2018

Jinger Duggar’s baby daughter ‘couldn’t care less’ as parents share a sweet kiss in family snap

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Baby Felicity Vuolo would rather attend to her baby activities than bother about adults doing adults things. This was confirmed on her mom's Instagram family post on Saturday which got funny comments from fans and viewers alike.

The American author and television personality, Jinger Duggar, met her husband Jeremy Vuolo, a former professional athlete, while on a mission trip to Central America. 

She got married to him six months after they both announced their courtship in June 2016, and gave birth to Felicity Nicole Vuolo in July 2018.


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Felicity is the twelfth grandchild and the only female grandchild in the Duggar family.


After her birth, the young Vuolo family has ever since posted cute images of baby Felicity which draws lovely comments from fans. The Saturday post was not an exception.

While celebrating her 25th birthday, the 19 kids and counting star posted a photo of herself and her family which she captioned

“A kiss from my hubby and baby who couldn't care less".

She and her husband were locked in a kiss while they both held on to their three-month-old baby girl. 

Baby Felicity, however, gave the photo its cute aura as she sucked on two of her fingers while completely unaware of what was going on above her little head.



Fans gushed over her in the comment session while they applauded the parents for having a love-filled relationship and being good parents to their cute daughter.

In the same vein, Vuolo also posted another photo of the family, only this time the couple weren't locked in a kiss but rather had lovely smiles on while they both shared carrying their daughter in their arms locked together.

Owing to the lovely response from fans, the Vuolos are expected to keep up the healthy family relationship and share more of baby Felicity’s adorable moments.