Husband speaks out after being stabbed by wife after taking ‘too long Christmas shopping’

A man was stabbed four times in the back by his enraged wife after he took too long to finish his Christmas shopping.

Stuart Simpson, from Great Yarmouth, in Norfolk, England, believed he was going to die when he felt the sharp pain of the blade stuck in his flesh.

As reported by Lad Bible, his wife, 52-year-old Sonia Simpson, was later arrested and sentenced to 14 years behind bars.

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"Sonia has always been very unstable and constantly accused him of cheating on her."

45-year-old Stuart left home to do some last minute Christmas shopping, leaving his Sonia with Stacey, a friend of hers, at home.

He was expecting to return shortly after, but due to the rush of people still at the stores, it took him five whole hours to get home, which upset Sonia.


As soon as Stuart walked through the door, Sonia started raging and asked Stacey if he was an idiot. When her friend refused to agree with her, the 52-year-old punched her in the face.

Stuart immediately rushed Stacey out of the room to protect her and closed the door, turning his back to Sonia, who stabbed him repeatedly.


The stab wounds were deep and Stuart had to be submitted to life-saving surgery. According to him, Sonia has always been very unstable and constantly accused him of cheating on her, even during his mother's funeral.

A chef by profession, Stuart would often stay late at work, which led Sonia to believe that he was being unfaithful with his boss. These daily accusations caused him to be under a huge amount of stress and pressure.


But Stuart wasn't the only man to be attacked by a lover in the last two months; Master Sgt. Nicholas Vollweiler, from Pennsylvania, was stabbed and killed by his girlfriend, Aria Saito.

It is believed that the woman murdered the 35-year-old U.S. Airman because he wanted to break up with her. The couple still tried to resolve everything but the talk took a sharp turn for the worse. 

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