Grandma takes boudoir photos to surprise her husband, and it seems he loved it

Jaimie-lee Prince
Dec 25, 2018
06:20 P.M.
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A Georgia grandmother turned up the heat for this year's Christmas season. Her husband surely enjoyed the sexy gift. 


Lisa Bishop is as spicy as they get when it comes to crochet practicing grandmothers. Her enduring flare was documented in a series of photos taken by her daughter. 

Samantha Bishop shared the spread on her Facebook page and the photos have since gone viral. People simply can't digest the adorable (but sexy) grandmother and her husband. 

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Mike Bishop was the proud receiver of a photo album that featured his wife, Lisa in a bathtub filled with yarn. 

Her hair held large rollers and she wore a black sleeveless form-fitting outfit that showed off her cleavage. In several photos, Lisa also showed off her legs. One photo featured Wether's Originals candy being poured over her feet. 


One foot held a line of red string around her toes. Another picture showed the grandmother with a yarn needs on the tongue. Still, another showed her looking in a handheld mirror as she bit her lip. 

One of the final photos was Lisa appearing to be drowning in her collection of yarn with her eyes closed. The setup included a lamp, perfume, and some candle holders. 


The pictures themselves were quite surprising. But the recorded reaction of Lisa's husband was the cutest thing to see. The grandfather appeared at first shocked, then completely enthralled. 

He could be seen laughing as he viewed the pictures in the album from behind his glasses. 

Samantha explained to Huffington Post that the plan had been a year in the making. Last year, Lisa said she would only do a photoshoot if she could be in a tub full of yarn. 


Samathan explained: 

“She thought it was hilarious, and wanted to do it for my dad for Christmas. He laughed, and smiled like a schoolboy." 

When the older man saw the blank pages at the end of the album he said: Oh good, there's room for more." 


Another bizarre move by a grandmother was just as hilarious, but not for the same reasons. The photo emerged from the social news platform Reddit and quickly went viral. 

On there, a user named Greentechbuilder posted an old photo of a dark-haired woman sitting down as her husband stood next to her. But when one looks closely, he sees that the husband is non-other than actor Leonardo DiCaprio. 


The grandmother had cut out Leonardo DiCaprio's face from a magazine and placed it right over her late husband's own. We're not sure what challenges the two went through, but the act was certainly hilarious. 

Meanwhile, another granny is proving once again that age is just a number. Ruby Carter-Pikes does bodybuilder modeling at 70 years old She is also quite conscious of her diet. 

The older woman also does fitness modeling where she shows of her six-pack abs, chiseled legs, and buff arms. Her perseverance is definitely an inspiration to many.