Jeannie Mai flaunts weight gain in new pic while ex-husband poses with baby daughter on Christmas

Jeannie Mai is back to being fit. The talk show host recently flaunted her slimmer figure after a family Christmas photo of her ex-husband emerges. 

Jeannie Mai is celebrating the return of her “fit self.” She recently shared a photo of her visibly slimmer figure following a trip to the Middle East. More importantly, her post coincides with another celebration happening in the home of her ex-husband – his brand new daughter’s first Christmas. 


Jeannie couldn’t look happier and more content with her latest look she shared during a workout. Revealing she just arrived from a trip to Saudi Arabia, the talk show host took to the streets with her earbuds and in her workout gear to fight off the sluggishness she admitted feeling. But she also confessed feeling great when she wrote in her caption, 

“I finna feel Mai fit self back.”


It’s a good thing Jeannie is too busy looking good to be affected by her ex-husband Freddy Harteis’ happiness celebrating his first Christmas as a father. His girlfriend Linsey Toole recently shared a photo of their family-of-three decked in holiday PJ’s and elf hats for a lovely yuletide portrait. Front and center in the photo is their two-month-old daughter who looked adorable sleeping while her father carried her in his arms and her mother leaned close to him. It clearly is one happy Christmas in this household. 


Jeannie and Freddy were married for 10 years before they called it quits in October 2017. One of the reasons for their separation was their differences in opinion when it came to having a child. Jeannie didn’t want one while Freddy did.

They parted amicably but when their divorce proceedings started, Jeannie saw a side of Freddy that she never saw before which prompted her to tearfully confess to her co-hosts on “The Real” that she “wouldn’t have married” Freddy had she known what she knew now about him. Jeannie alluded to money matters as the issue that drove her to regret marrying her husband.  

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