Inspiring transformation of abandoned disabled dog who was picked up by a loving family

Lunita was a beautiful disabled dog that was abandoned in the streets of Salta, Argentina. Her story has touched hearts all over the world, and she had a fantastic transformation after a loving family rescued her an gave her the life she deserved.

Luna was found tied to a railing outside a grooming shop for pets. She was abandoned with a note that said her name, age, and that explained why her previous owner couldn’t keep her. However, what caught the rescuers’ attention were Lunita’s hind legs, because they were attached to a wheelchair in poor condition.

The poor dog was unable to move under the scorching sun, and was visibly scared and overwhelmed by all the strange noises and people that passed by her side.

Who left her there, did not think about the animal's needs either since she had no food or water with her.

Luckily, one of the employees of the grooming shop noticed her and contacted the rescue organization LUBA Salta and two of her volunteers took Lunita.

The lovely dog spent some time in a foster home while her story was shared online in the hopes of finding a new home for her. Incredibly, a family from the U.S offered to adopt her, and a fundraiser was created to pay for Lunita's flight to the country.

Unfortunately, things did not go well for Lunita in her new adoptive home, since the family did not know exactly what the proper care for a disabled dog was. She ended up developing a severe staphylococcal infection that was the result of a mite infestation in her bed.

On top of that, she got scabies and burnt wounds from the urine, which caused her to lose all the hair from the waist down, including that on her tail. She suffered a lot and lost 15 pounds.

Lunita was adopted by another family that had the challenge of dealing with her new health problems. And they were up for it. It took a lot of effort, constant visits to the vet and a lot of medication.

Thanks to her desire to live and the attention she received, Lunita managed to recover, in addition to reaching a healthy weight of 25 pounds.

Due to her disability, the dog required medical treatment that was expensive, and luckily, she never lacked anything thanks to the kindness of people from all over the world that raised money on her behalf.

Along with her new family and improved health, Lunita met the snow, traveled to many destinations, had new friends and even enjoyed birthday parties.

However, shortly after celebrating her 11th birthday, her physical condition deteriorated, and she had to be admitted to intensive care, where she died surrounded by friends and family in July 2018.

Luckily, Lunita's story came to an end because of old age, and she enjoyed the last part of her life surrounded by a loving family.

“I feel like a part of my soul has died. I will never forget her and how much she meant to me. She changed my life forever. I loved her so much,” wrote Lunita’s owner on a statement on Facebook.

Some of Lunita's ashes now rest inside of a memorial locket that her owner carries whenever she goes.

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