Disfigured, unloved and tied to a tree, this is the journey of Lucky the dog

Apr 19, 2018
08:34 P.M.
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This poor dog was unwanted by anyone because of his deformity, and was neglected and abused as a result. Fortunately, he found his happy ending. 


Lucky was born at a puppy mill with a severe facial deformity. As a result, no one would buy him, and he ended up in a shelter. Because no one wanted to pay for him, he was given away for free, but every owner he had would return him. 

As reported by Animal Channel, Lucky's unlucky lot in life meant that the numerous owners he did have had no interest in taking care of him, and he was often forced to stay permanently outside and under fed. 

He ended up with a family in Austin, but since the cats didn't like him, he was tied up to a tree in their yard without a decent place to sleep or enough food, and no love from the family who owned him. 


Then the family decided to move, and didn't want to take Lucky with them. They contacted the local shelter, who started looking for someone else to take Lucky. 


A family came forward to volunteer, but it wasn't long before they returned Lucky to the shelter. Once again the dog was being neglected. 

Fortunately, a shelter worker changed everything for him. When she took Lucky out to the groomers, she had an idea to post some photos of him to social media.

The photos were shared numerous times, and finally reached Jamie Hult, who fell head over heels in love with the sweet pup. 


“It just happened to be somebody in my dog rescue world, so right away I contacted him and said ‘I want that dog. I don’t even want to foster it, I wanna take that dog,” Jamie said. 

Sadly, because of all the neglect, the poor dog was in an awful state, and needed plenty of medical help before he could finally be loved and cared for. 

Lucky didn't have a microchip, he was covered in fleas, and had heartworms. 


But Hult wasn't going to give up on the pup so easily, and told the vet that he should do whatever was needed to save Lucky, and she would pay all the costs. 

He spent a week in an oxygen chamber, and needed an MRI. The medical bills ended up racking up to over $8000, and Lucky almost didn't make it. 

Hult was ecstatic when she finally got the news that she could take her precious dog home, and she decided to give him a fresh start, even renaming him Beaux Tox. 


It's now been over a year since Hult took Beaux Tox home, and he has been completely transformed by her love and affection. He is an active pup who loves to play in water, and wears an almost constant smile on his face! 

His human mommy has also brought two more dogs into the home, who he carefully looks after. 

“I’m grateful I got Beaux, and we still rescue and foster,” Jamie concluded. “He’s fostered kittens. Beaux Tox is good with anything. He’s good with kittens, baby skunks, cats. He’ll watch the tarantula for an hour. He’s very intrigued by everything… for him, everything is exciting.”

Jamie Hult, Animal Channel, April 14, 2018. 


Hult has also explained how Beaux Tox's face changes on a daily basis, but that he's a loving and gentle dog who is very well-behaved. 

She regularly has people commenting on his face, or even laughing at it, but she doesn't care what anyone else thinks of her beautiful pup. She even started making ties to draw attention to the less scary-looking parts of him!